School Life

Lu’s Lab 101

By: Emma Miao (Grade 10)

—“Mandarin, Womandarin, or any of that.”

It was 12:25 pm on a bright Wednesday afternoon. The birds were soaring, and the sky was clear and pristine. As I walked into Lu’s Lab, a waft of roast beef and tapioca pearls greeted me. Gazing around, I took in the scene. A wide array of students gathered in the room, spanning the senior school. Some were taking quizzes, some were laughing with their friends, and some were sulking in the corner. The substantive computer ledge was flashing with graphic FPS games. Everyone seemed like they were having a great time. 

This is my routine every Wednesday lunch. Whether I need to catch up (with school or with friends) or get a prime spot to read among the raucous crowds of vibrant energy, Lu’s Lab is the place to go. A few days ago, I got thinking: when did Lu’s Lab become this special place? And how did Mr. Lu become the teacher we all know and admire today? I decided to investigate and find out more. 

 While the majority of us were learning how to walk, or potty train, or cartwheel down the stairs of our houses, Mr. Lu started teaching at WPGA. During the academic year of 2005-2006, he taught programming and computer classes, as well as Math 8. [ Imagine! Having Lu as a Math 8 teacher! ] Ironically, he only started teaching in his Lab two years ago— before that, he’d teach Stats in Mr. Morden’s room, and Econ in the modular. 

“The school’s changed a lot since I got here,” he says. “The administration, the Head of School— all of that’s different, not to mention the indoor and outdoor renovations.” But he says the core values remain the same, and the quality of our academic and social endeavours hasn’t dropped from its high standard. 

An avid gamer, Mr. Lu likes to play Clash Royale, but shared that, “it’s hard to make time for it on weekdays.” He also only speaks English, not “Mandarin, Womandrin, or any of that.” 

Mr. Lu is a beloved figure at school. More than a teacher, he’s a mentor, a comedian, a bulwark— someone to ground you and make you laugh when you need it the most. Beyond a classroom, Lu’s Lab is a dock, ready to gather your floating thoughts and empower you to step forth with confidence. As Mr. Lu moves into his 16th year of teaching, I don’t doubt that Lu’s Lab will continue to be a haven for every student at WPGA. 



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