Meet the Team

Emma Miao

Emma is thrilled to serve as Editor-in-Chief of the Wolfington Post. She loves to swim, ski, and compulsively watch Sherlock (but not all at the same time). She spends her spare time writing & performing poetry, and her favourite book is Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson. She cannot wait to work with such a talented and diverse group of journalists this year.

Rubi Katz

Rubi is excited to be Chief of Staff for the Wolfington Post this year! She loves soup and would eat it for every meal if she could; she beats her record of bowls of soup consumed per week frequently. In her spare time you can find Rubi watching Grey’s Anatomy or zipping down the ski hill. She is looking forward to another wonderful year working with the Wolfington Post Team!

Stephanie Hai

Stephanie is thrilled to serve as Head of Media and Outreach for the Wolfington Post! Besides school activities, Stephanie enjoys eating a variety of noodles, reading, and watching Spanish and Korean TV shows. She is thrilled to be working alongside everyone at the Wolfington Post and bringing you fun content to read this year!

Brigette Lee

Brigette is currently a grade 12 student who is delighted to be part of the Wolfington Post Team as an editor . She is eager to join such a fantastic team of students to churn out amazing content this year! Outside of school, Brigette enjoys spending time with her three dogs and eating any and all snacks she can get her hands on.

Katrina Sun

Katrina is a grade 12 student who is overjoyed to be a part of the Wolfington Post team. In her spare time, you can find her visiting beaches around Vancouver, discovering new restaurants, or solving all her friends’ problems. She looks forward to working alongside her talented peers this year.

Peyton Pownall

Peyton is a grade 12 student who is excited to be an editor for the Wolfington Post this year. In her spare time while procrastinating, she can be found rewatching Gilmore Girls, waterskiing and eating perogies. She is looking forward to working with such a great group of people this year.

Namara Morse

Namara is in grade 12 and she is excited for her first year being a part of the Wolfington Post! When not taking part in choir, basketball, MUN, and environmental leadership club, you can find her watching Netflix, online shopping or spending time with friends. Namara is looking forward to working with the great Wolfington Post team!

Lily Cowan

Lily is a grade 12 student who is so excited for her first year with the Post. A few fun facts about her are that she reads way too many books, has an obsession with movies, and has a fear of ET. She is very excited for the year 🙂

Michelle Lin

Michelle is a grade 11 student who is passionate about writing as well as learning different languages. Her interests include a wide variety of things: from reading philosophical literature to songwriting; she engages herself in all kinds of unique ideas. Since Michelle is always full of energy and creative ideas, she hopes to write about diverse cultures in different languages in the Wolfington Post to educate others and improve her language abilities. Stepping into her second year in the Wolfington Post, she knows the inclusive and fun spirit of the team; she cannot wait to work with all the talented writers and editors! 

Ankita Biswas

Ankita is a Grade 11 student is thrilled to be a part of Wolfington Post. When she’s not doing her homework the night before it’s due, you can find her re-reading her favourite books, trying out new recipes, listening to her father talk about foreign politics (begrudgingly), and having Harry Potter movie marathons with Yufei. She can’t wait to work alongside such a wonderful team this year!

Jenny Jia

Jenny is a world enthusiast. As a current grade 11 student, her interests are, understandably, all over the place. Her weekday evenings are best spent watching an Akshay Kumar Bolly flick, reading bleak excerpts from Russian novels, or writing reviews as a Google Local Guide with a photo viewership of 250 thousand. From Twitter rants about geographical disputes to the bowels of political Reddit, Jenny is always seeking a medium to voice her opinion. Hence, this will be her second year as a writer for the Wolfington Post, a hopeful contributor to the Opinions column. 

Allen Hu

While he is new to the team, Grade 11 student Allen is very excited to be joining the Wolfington Post this year. Despite being busy with club meetings and sport practices, he is delighted to be able to contribute to the group. Outside of school, Allen enjoys watching horror and comedy movies as well as reading all sorts of books. He can’t wait to experience his first year on the Wolfington Post!

Mia Torres

As a returning grade 10 writer, Mia can’t wait to write for the Wolfington Post again this year! She has always enjoyed writing and loves reading mystery, horror and fantasy novels. When she isn’t on ice, she is probably caught going for a McDonalds run (and loves cheeseburgers a little too much) with her friends or watching F1 races. Mia can’t wait to share amazing content with the best team this year!

Juliette Levy-Gay

Now in grade 10, this will be Juliette’s third year writing for the Wolfington post. She has been drawn to creative writing from a young age and hopes to pursue it in some form or another later in life. In her fleeting moments of free time, Juliette loves to hang out with her friends, go to Dairy Queen, and make arts and crafts. In her writing this year, Juliette plans to continue to shed light on lesser known aspects of the school, enlighten readers of her own interests, as well as listen to other students and discover what they are eager to read about. 

Emma Aranda

Emma is in grade 10 and is thrilled to begin her second year as a writer for the Wolfington Post. She has always loved writing, particularly fiction and reviews, and is eager to share her thoughts. When she is not swimming, you can probably find her reading or watching a movie. With her broad range in taste, Emma can regularly be heard gushing over her favourite films (of which there are too many to name), directors (Wes Anderson, Tim Burton, and Quentin Tarantino), or raving about a book she just finished. She is ecstatic to work with this year’s brilliant team!

Anderson Gao

In his grade 10 year, Anderson is ecstatic to be part of the Wolfington Post this year! As a camera enthusiast, Anderson loves photography and videography. Some of his other hobbies include playing guitar and piano, chess, and solving his Rubik’s Cube! Anderson hopes to contribute to the articles through his passion of photography while working with his fellow teammates, and is elated to be working with all of the creative and brilliant minds on the Wolfington Post!

Julia Bohnen

Julia is currently in Grade 10 and is excited to be entering her second year of writing for the Wolfington Post! When she’s not walk-running down the halls to her next practice or club meeting, you can probably find her talking to anyone and everyone, reading (usually disappointing) YA contemporaries and eating any and all MadeGood snacks. Julia can’t wait for what this year has in store for the Post and feels so lucky to be part of such an amazing group!

Edward Gao

Edward is a grade 10 student who is thrilled to be a part of the Wolfington Post again. When he’s not stressing over a math test or an English essay, you’ll find Edward glued to his laptop—binging a Netflix show, playing Tetris, or chatting with his friends (he’ll often be doing all three at the same time). He can’t wait to work alongside such a talented team this year!

Henry Luo

Henry is a Grade 10 student elated to be a member of the Wolfington Post this year. With an interest in reading all different kinds of texts, Henry enjoys discussing, researching, and writing a wide variety of topics. Furthermore, Henry is indulged in surfing the internet for random information and browsing through Youtube to learn new things. This year, Henry hopes to compose unique and creative narratives for the Wolfington Post and is excited to work alongside other writers on the team. 

Alexander Liu

Alex is a Grade 9 student who is stoked to join the Wolfington Post this year. Alex really enjoys writing and editing articles and stories, and works well with others. He knows he will make a great addition to the Wolfington Post this school year and can’t wait to use his qualities and passions as a writer, editor, and team member as a new member of the Wolfington Post. Other than writing and editing, he also enjoys the outdoors, and is also passionate about avionics and flight.

Emma Zhou

Currently a grade 9 student, Emma’s interests in writing and sharing knowledge propels her to join the Wolfington Post for the 2021-2022 school year. In life, she approaches things in an introspective and thoughtful manner, and always plans things out to the last minute, rather than being spontaneous with events. As of now, her favourite movie is The Perks of Being a Wallflower and her favourite book may be The Song of Achilles, though she is not completely sure. It takes her a while to deliberate options. Her favourite genre of both books and movies is coming-of-age and realistic fiction. 

Lucas Rucchin

Lucas is in grade nine at WPGA and is excited to be on the Wolfington Post team for his first year. Fond of fiction writing, he enjoys reading or working on creative stories in his spare time, and will always obsess over an enticing plotline in TV shows or video games. Joining the team this year, Lucas hopes to bring detail and an unique narrative to the newspaper’s amazing array of content. Lucas is thrilled to be apart of the Wolfington Post and can’t wait to assist in the newspaper’s next steps forward!

Mira Hurwitz

Mira is a grade 8 student and is excited to join the team at Wolfington Post.  She is a night owl who loves dogs (Jake, a shitzu-poodle mix lives with her) and has an impressive grasp of F.R.I.E.N.D.S trivia knowledge.  Mira loves to travel – especially to big cities.  She joined the volleyball team this year, which made her parents forget that she dropped playing the clarinet.

Raeann Cheong

Raeann is a grade eight student who is ecstatic to be on the Wolfington Post for the first year! Raeann can usually be found stuck in a book, writing, binging a sitcom, or daydreaming. Her current favourite films are Perks of Being a Wallflower, Little Women, Howl’s Moving Castle, Coraline, and Shrek. This year, Raeann’s excited to explore new topics and contribute to the WPGA community. 

Henry Liu

Although Henry is a new student in WPGA, he is delighted to be a part of the Wolfington Post. In grade 8, whenever there is spare time, he adores playing tennis with family and friends, and enjoys reading science fiction; in addition, he also prefers designing mechanics. However, if there is anything he loves the most, it is writing. Henry is eager to publish different articles and edit other writing pieces. As a result, he is eager to work in the Wolfington Post.