Meet the Team

Ethan Jasny

Ethan is a grade 12 student who is excited to be serving as Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Wolfington Post. In his free time, he enjoys reading, wearing sweaters, cheering for his favourite marble racing team, and watching and rewatching the John Mulaney stand-up specials on Netflix. He looks forward to helping write the next chapter in Wolfington Post history!

Tina Qu

Tina is a grade 12 student who is thrilled to be serving as Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Wolfington Post. She’s had a fantastic experience working with the team in the past two years, and cannot wait to embark on her final year with the paper. Other than reading and writing, Tina also enjoys painting, shopping, and watching movies and TV shows (her favourites are Clueless, The Fosters, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine).

Annushka Agarwal

A grade 11 student at WPGA, Annushka is delighted to be the Managing Editor of the Wolfington Post. When she’s not spending hours battling with WordPress, she enjoys reading, playing Scrabble, and arguing with Ethan over various punctuation-related controversies. Annushka is looking forward to working with the team for another excellent year of journalism!

Michelle Lin

Michelle is a grade 10 student who loves writing as well as photography. She is new to the Wolfington post but is thrilled to be working with all the wonderful teammates! Other than writing, Michelle enjoys singing, watching Netflix and hanging out with friends.

Stephanie Hai

Stephanie is a grade 11 student who is beyond excited to be joining the Wolfington Post this year! Besides school activities, Stephanie enjoys eating a variety of noodles, reading, and watching Spanish and Korean TV shows. She is thrilled to be working alongside everyone at the Wolfington Post and bringing you fun content to read this year!

Mikaela Wong

Mikaela is a grade 11 student who delights in all things creative. Last year, she published her comics with the Wolfington Post and is looking forwards to branching out into the world of writing opinion pieces in the upcoming school term. When she isn’t writing or drawing, Mikaela can be found singing along to one of her favourite musicals, rowing around Granville Island, or roasting coffee in her dad’s shop.

Manuela Shklanka

Manuela (Grade 8) is elated to be a writer for the Wolfington Post. Outside of school and studying, Manuela is probably spending her time reading anything and everything, watching CBC The National or Stephen Colbert, texting her friends, listening to too much music, attempting to finally master Blackbird on the guitar, or just overthinking life, all from the comfort of her couch.

Juliette Levy-Gay

Juliette is in grade 9 and is eager to be writing for the Wolfington Post for the second year. She has always enjoyed creative writing and much prefers writing essays over taking tests. Some of Juliette’s favourite books are: The Hate U Give, The Fault in Our Stars, and Harry Potter (of course). She also enjoys spending time with her friends, doing arts and crafts and watching Netflix.

Yufei Huang

Entering grade ten, Yufei is delighted to be a part of the Wolfington Post. Outside of school, you can find her watching Gossip Girl, spending time at the dance studio, or shopping with her friends. She’s so excited to work with such an accomplished group of people.

Emma Aranda

Emma is a grade 9 student who is excited to be a part of the Wolfington Post. She has always loved writing and is thrilled to be able to share some of it. Besides writing, Emma loves reading books and watching movies, to which she always has comments and critiques before recommending them to friends (some of her favourites are Catch Me if You Can, Beautiful Boy, The Journey to Atlantis, and Twelve Monkeys).

Ankita Biswas

Ankita is a Grade 10 student is thrilled to be a part of Wolfington Post. When she’s not doing her homework the night before it’s due, you can find her re-reading her favourite books, trying out new recipes, listening to her father talk about foreign politics (begrudgingly), and having Harry Potter movie marathons with Yufei. She can’t wait to work alongside such a wonderful team this year!

Isa Siu

Isa is a grade 12 student who looks forward to her first year on the Wolfington Post as a photographer. Some of her favourite photographers are Sally Mann, Ansel Adams and Stephen Shore. In her free time, Isa enjoys hiking, bike rides, and rewatching all her favourite shows on Netflix. She is also super excited to be working with such a talented team of creators!

Alexander Liu

Alex is a Grade 9 student who is stoked to join the Wolfington Post this year. Alex really enjoys writing and editing articles and stories, and works well with others. He knows he will make a great addition to the Wolfington Post this school year and can’t wait to use his qualities and passions as a writer, editor, and team member as a new member of the Wolfington Post. Other than writing and editing, he also enjoys the outdoors, and is also passionate about avionics and flight.

Emma Miao

A grade 11 student, Emma is thrilled to be editing for the Wolfington Post. She loves to swim, ski, and compulsively watch Sherlock (but not all at the same time). She spends her spare time writing & performing poetry, and her favourite book is Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson. She cannot wait to work with such a talented and diverse group of journalists this year.

Rubi Katz

Rubi is in grade 11 and is excited to be writing for the Wolfington Post again. She loves to ski and go on long walks. Her favourite food is soup and would eat it for every meal if she could. In her spare time you can find her curled up in a fuzzy blanket bingeing Grey’s Anatomy as fast as she can. She is looking forward to another great year!

Brigette Lee

Brigette is currently a grade 11 student who is delighted to join the Wolfington Post Team as both a writer and editor this year. She is eager to join such a fantastic team of students to churn out amazing content this year! Outside of school, Brigette enjoys spending time with her three dogs: Bella, Coco, and Tinky (@bella.coco.tinky) and sewing clothes for her family and friends.

Peyton Pownall

Peyton is a grade 11 student and she is excited to start her first year working on the Wolfington Post. In her spare time, Peyton can be found eating veggie burgers, attempting to tan, thinking about getting her ears pierced…yet again or dominating in Game Pigeon. She is looking forward to working on the newspaper with everyone this year!

Katrina Sun

Katrina is a grade 11 student who is overjoyed to be joining the Wolfington Post team. In her spare time, you can find her visiting beaches around Vancouver, discovering new restaurants, or solving all her friends’ problems. She looks forward to working alongside her talented peers this year.

Emma Zhou

Emma is a grade 8 student who is happy to be a part of the Wolfington Post. Although, this will be her first time being a part of a collective at this school, she is still eager to meet new people and work with the team of students here. Emma likes to read, write, draw, or anything to do with the arts. She also likes to learn long words and will be rather offended by anyone’s floccinaucinihilipilification of her vocabulary.

Jenny Jia

Jenny is a grade 10 student, eager to share her ideas with her peers through the Wolfington Post. With an interest in the art of subtle humour, she hopes to provoke a chuckle or two through her writing. When she’s not suffering through writer’s block, Jenny enjoys reading timeless classics, shopping online for useless bath products. and watching the Office on repeat. She wishes for you to enjoy the works of our talented writers!

Henry Luo

Henry is a Grade 9 student delighted in being a part of the Wolfington Post this year. Henry enjoys writing different kinds of texts, editing them, and working together with a team. Other than writing, Henry also loves doing debate and MUN, and uses his spare time to read some philosophy and politics.

Arthur Chen

Arthur is a grad who is thrilled to eat cookies. He’s had a fantastic experience with cookies in the past, eating chocolate chip, macadamia nut, and even oatmeal and raisin without hesitation or discrimination. Other than cookies, Arthur enjoys more cookies, but sometimes some yogurt – heck, maybe even some oatmeal (his favourites are Quakers, Nature’s Path, and more Quakers).

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