Meet the Team

Chief of Staff: Emma Aranda

As a grade 11 student, Emma is thrilled to be returning for her third year on the Post, this time as Chief of Staff. She joined the Post in grade 9 and has spent 2 years writing articles on various topics, from the collapse of movie theatres to BookTok reviews. With a strong passion for both reading and writing, Emma hopes her excitement will contribute to another eventful year with her new team. She has many ideas in store for this year’s paper and is ecstatic to work with this year’s talented roster of writers.

Managing Editor: Michelle Lin

After two years of writing with the Wolfington Post team, Michelle is excited to come back and take on the role of Managing Editor for the Post. She is a senior who is passionate about writing as well as learning different languages. Her interests include a wide variety of things: from reading philosophical literature to songwriting; she immerses herself in all kinds of unique ideas. Michelle hopes to continue her Polyglot Playground column, writing about diverse cultures in different languages in the Wolfington Post to educate others and improve her language abilities. She looks forward to another year of idea-sharing amongst talented writers and editors!

Editor-in-Chief: Jenny Jia

A senior this year, Jenny is proud to serve as your Editor-in-Chief. In the past, Jenny has contributed to the Opinions column, writing articles arguing against Santa’s existence and comparing the sports she’s played to different types of romantic relationships. Her pastimes are all over the place, from playing Russian card games online (Durak in particular) to writing long-winded Google reviews (with a viewership of 1.3 million!). Jenny will continue to reveal snippets of her life and thoughts through articles that will hopefully introduce readers to new perspectives and interesting ideas. To another year of the Post! 


Fleur LaPrairie

Fleur is a Grade 12 student and lifer at WPGA. She has a love for astrology and other spiritual ideologies and theories. Not only is she interested in horoscope writing, but she also loves acting and theatre, film, fashion, and many other things! Fleur is excited to join the Wolfington Post and tell you how the planets are making you feel.

Anderson Gao

In his grade 11 year, Anderson is ecstatic to be part of the Wolfington Post again! As a camera enthusiast, Anderson loves photography and videography. Some of his other hobbies include playing guitar and piano, chess, and solving his Rubik’s Cube! Anderson hopes to contribute to the articles through his passion for photography while working with his fellow teammates, and is elated to be working with all of the creative and brilliant minds on the Wolfington Post!

Henry Luo

Henry is a Grade 11 student elated to be a member of the Wolfington Post this year. Writing for the 3rd year on the Wolfington Post, Henry is continuing to write on a variety of different topics ranging from social justice to tech reviews. This year, Henry hopes to compose unique and creative narratives for the Wolfington Post and is excited to work alongside other members of the team.

Amirali Banani

Amirali is a Grade 11 student who is thrilled to be part of the Wolfington Post team this year. His passions include sports, music and medicine, which is why he will be writing articles on topics ranging from pop culture evolution to medical innovations. He hopes that his content will engage readers of the Wolfington Post and is delighted to work with such a dedicated group of students.

Julia Bohnen

Julia is currently in Grade 11 and is excited to be entering her third year with the Wolfington Post! When she’s not walk-running down the halls to her next practice or club meeting, you can probably find her talking to anyone and everyone, spending long hours at the school hanging out on the second floor before and after classes and eating a wide range of different snacks instead of real meals. Julia can’t wait for what this year has in store for the Post and feels so lucky to be part of such an amazing group!

Ellie Sheu

Ellie (grade 10) can often be found reading fantasy books or working on one of her creative writing stories. She enjoys taking photos of nature and bombarding them on her social media. Ellie spends lots of time practicing piano and violin, and occasionally composes short, melodic pieces. She is thrilled to be a part of the Wolfington Post!

Amy Asefirad

Grade 10 student Amy loves to spend her free time reading books, working on creative writing stories as well as watching movies. Her favourite book is The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, and her favourite movie is Coraline. She is very excited to join the Wolfington Post and work alongside her peers.

Jason Zhang

Jason is a grade 10 student and thrilled to be a member of the Wolfington Post this year. He is incredibly passionate about international affairs and has been an active member of Model UN since Grade 8. Another area of interest for him is the bustling world of business and finance, with a particular focus on investing. Jason spends a lot of time reading, watching TV shows or movies and doing different forms of creative writing. He can’t wait to work alongside such an amazing group of peers and contribute to the Wolfington Post.

Emily Zhao

Emily is a grade 10 student who is thrilled to become a member of the Wolfington Post. In her free time, you can find her in debate competitions, designing posters, playing the violin, reading, or going on walks. She is looking forward to working alongside her peers and writing impactful pieces.

Emma Zhou

Emma Zhou is a grade 10 student who is excited to be a part of the Wolfington Post. She loves to watch new and popular shows on Netflix in her free time. Her favourite genre of film is rom-com like Clueless and Notting Hill, and action movies like Inception and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. She’s very happy to be a part of the Wolfington Post.

Isabelle Wang

Isabelle, grade 10, enjoys spending her leisure time engaging in different hobbies: art, golfing, snowboarding, and air rifle shooting. She is constantly active in the arts, especially visual art, but seeks to explore other forms as well. Isabelle looks forward to joining Wolfington Post and engaging with her peers.

Alice Deyell

Alice is a grade 9 student who is new to the Wolfington Post but excited to participate in writing this paper! Her passion is for space, from rocketry to space history to aviation. Some other hobbies include playing sports such as soccer, playing guitar and reading. She looks forward to contributing ideas and articles to the paper after a positive experience last year with her old school’s student newspaper.

Annie Wagner

Annie is a Grade 8 student who is excited to be joining the Wolfington Post team! She loves birds, books and basketball. You can often find her bird-watching in the forest while running on the cross-country team or curled up at home with a book. Annie looks forward to writing about all sorts of interesting topics, from science to politics and everything in between.

Evangeline Lin

Evangeline is currently in grade 8. She has recently started debating and quite enjoys it. Evangeline also participates in Science Fair. During her free time, she likes to write short stories, draw, paint, and read. Coming from the Wolfington Post newspaper club in the Junior School, Evangeline is excited to continue contributing to articles for the Post!