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Featured Artist – Tory Tan

Tory Tan is a grade twelve WPGA visual artist and designer, who aspires to study architecture in the fall. 

Project #1-Urban Landscape-Sunset-Through photographs and sketches Tory focused on altering existing photographs and scenery to create compositions and artwork that add something strange and unique to an ordinary setting. His goal is to help the audience escape from the boredom of daily life into an enhanced landscape.

project #1-urban lasndcape sunset.jpg

Project #2-Conceptual Study-This structure was inspired by 5 spatial prompts: contemplation, cleanse, rest, eat, and study.
project #2-Conceptual study.jpg

Project #3-Reverse Hand Video-Tory created a cyborg theme for a mechanical and wearable device.  Within this work he focused on the notion of motion, not necessarily function.



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