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Drama Class Project

By: Cindy Xu (Grade 12)

In this year’s Theatre Company 11/12, we are embarking on the daunting task of adapting a novel into a play. Planning on reworking the beloved teen novel, Heartless, into a play production, the class of thirteen is breaking new ground for schools all over the Lower Mainland. As difficult as the idea sounds, the majority of the class is brimming with ambitious enthusiasm.

Written by the New York Times Bestselling author, Marissa Meyer, Heartless tells the story of the Queen of Hearts before she turned into a dictator with an obsession for decapitation. With familiar characters such as Hatta (Mad Hatter) and the Cheshire cat, this fairytale is a must-read (and must-see) for fans of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. The protagonist, Catherine, dreams of becoming the best baker in the Kingdom of Hearts but is badgered into a marriage with the short and bald King of Hearts. However, after her encounter with Jest, a charming and mysterious court joker, she begins to question her destiny. Relying on love to guide her, she lays her heart down on a mystical, magical, and mad battlefield and tries to take control of her own future.

At the very beginning of the process, the class had to obtain copyright permission from the author and the publishing company. The students spearheaded that task and emailed the author with a collective proposal. With their passion and excitement, it was not long until they heard a positive reply from the publisher. From there on, the students have cast roles, designated jobs, and strengthened their teamwork in such a large project. At this point, each student is adapting five chapters into one script, and the process will be a welcomed learning curve.

The Company has decided on two dates for our heartfelt performance: April 5th and 6th, 2019. Audience members are encouraged to dress in red, black, and white to blend in with the theme of the play! They hope that the Wolfpack will be supportive of their ambitious project, and they promise a heart-wrenching show of Heartless.

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