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Athletics Council By: Emily Hardy & Anna Maslechko

This term, the Athletics Council has worked hard to increase school spirit, and get students more involved in Athletic events. Our priority for the 2018-2019 school year has been student engagement. We prioritized and reevaluated our sendoffs, this year having some of our best turnouts on record. The most notable was the girls Volleyball provincial sendoff where we cheered them on to compete at Provincials. We also congratulated our Swimming team, Cross-Country team and Varsity Soccer Boys for qualifying for Provincials this year. Our sendoffs now feature a slideshow with pictures of Athletes and candy to reward crowd participation. With these four teams going to provincials, it has been quite a season!

We have also concentrated our efforts on increasing attendance for home games. We have had amazing turnouts, with loud cheering and even a drum! We had excellent crowds at our Volleyball tournament and the ‘Can you dig it?’ game against LFA. We also introduced a new fan bus to garner support for our girls competing at Notre Dame.

To encourage school community we also planned and executed a staff vs. student soccer game where the Varsity Boys beat WPGA Staff! The reward for their victory? A casual day for the entire school!

This year athletics council is making a tangible impact on the performance of our athletes and is encouraging school spirit in every facet of WPGA! Come out to home games and support our WOLVES!!

Arts Council By: Tatiana Elliot

This term, Arts council is really looking forward to hosting another jamming Mic Night and breaking the formula by having a lottery to pick a ‘host in training’. We will put all the potential hosts’ names into a jar and reveal who it is during the show! We are also enjoying a new activity that we call ‘Fun Fridays.’ The next one is going to be Holiday themed, and there will be crafts like christmas cards, snowman ornaments and tinfoil dreidels! We hope to see you there! This term has been a whirlwind of fun ideas and activities, we hope the next will be just as lively!

Service Council By: Malika Agarwal & Kaan Kermen

As the term comes to a close, Service Council is astounded by the enthusiasm presented the past few months! When the year began, fresh and full of excitement, we were hopeful that all the initiatives run would be successful, whether it was with Covenant House, doing our usual Thank-a-Thons, or new projects, such as a clothing drive. Rather than just meeting the minimum, we were blown out of the water. Service Council has thrived, with a record-breaking number of over fifty volunteers signed up for After School Care or collecting more than eight-hundred books for our brand new book drive called “Books-For-Me” in collaboration with Capilano University. For the first time ever, we connected with Hogar De Gina in Peru, a wonderful place that is now near and dear to our hearts, and became pen-pals with some of the girls living there. In addition to this, a new bake sale took place aptly named “Dulces for Dulce”, and completely represented the sweet Dulce who is graduating kindergarten from an orphanage in Hogar De Gina. The Apple Festival at UBC was once again a success, garnering many dedicated volunteers. Now, looking to the future, we have many opportunities coming up that we would love to see people helping out at! The BC Transplant Society is in need of volunteers for their Starlight Skating Event, taking place on December 22, where volunteers can skate and also have acess to a food stand. It will be a beautiful night for everyone. Sign up for this event is in the Daily Announcements!

Spirit Council By: Sam Gan

Spirit council has stayed very busy over the past term, filling the school with lots of fun and energy. We kicked off October with our ‘What Are You Thankful For?’ board where our students were able to share their thoughts of gratitude. The gooey bonus was those who participated were eligible to win a free cinnamon bun in honour of international cinnamon bun day. Next up, WPGA took a spooky turn for Halloween and was filled with hanging ghosts, pumpkins and bats with personalized messages for every single senior school student. To treat our sweet tooths, we handed out Halloween themed candy grams and played ‘Trick for a Treat’ to see our student’s special talents. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the armistice, poppies blew through the hallways with the names of the British Columbian soldiers who fought in the first world war. As we move to December, we are preparing for our Winter Wonderland. We have lots to come to keep students’ spirits high during the final three weeks of school!

Grad Council By: Anna Cumming

This term, Grad Council has been busy dressing up as pickles, buying cookie dough, acting as spies, and more. They started the year off with the first ever Pickle Fundraiser, where donors got to choose which Grad Council member had to dress up as a pickle for a day. Andrea won, and the money raised (over three-hundred dollars!) went partially towards the Grad Council fund, as well as partially towards Powell Place, a women’s emergency shelter on the downtown eastside. The grads were busy with university applications in October and November, which is why the Council has decided to host many fun events in December! The annual In-Dey-Go Cookie Fundraiser is back, and orders will be delivered just in time for the winter holidays. Similarly, grade 10-12 Spy vs. Spy is just about underway, with over fifty students participating in the epic game. To get into the holiday spirit, the grads are travelling to the Aurora Winter Festival. The event includes a ferris wheel, tube park, skating rink, beautiful light displays, and food trucks! This year, a grade-wide Secret Santa is being organized as well. It’s been an eventful term and we’re incredibly excited to see where term two and three take the Council.




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