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Welcome Back!

Dear Wolfpack,

Welcome back!! The Wolfington Post returns for its 5th inaugural year, with book reviews, student perspectives, language reads, and the much-beloved Late Night Thoughts with Lu column. Like always, we stay true to the motto: for students, by students.

To young and old, new and returning readers alike, here is a rundown of  *almost* every aspect of WPGA student life and culture:


The Daily Announcements (DA’s), are where you will find important announcements from admin, club announcements, service opportunities, schedule changes, lost/found items and much more. To ensure that you’re on the mailing list, make sure to add your email to the “digital” section in your Wolfnet profile. 

Follow @WPGAstudentlife on Instagram to keep up with upcoming events, announcements, student life and exciting news! 

**Make sure to read (or scan) the new announcement section daily 


WPGA has a club for everyone. Many take place during lunch while others take place before or after school. Some of the more popular clubs include:  

  • Debate/MUN
  • Business Club 
  • Quiz Club 
  • Environmental Leadership 
  • Planet Club 
  • Wolfington Post 
  • Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)
  • Spanish Club 

If you are interested in joining a club, the best way to join is by going to Clubs Fair, which will be on September 19th. If you cannot make it, looking for an announcement in the DAs, contacting the club leader or teacher sponsor, or showing up to a meeting are great ways to get involved as well. The best way to participate in WPGA student life and meet new people is through clubs. Speak with Mr. Johnston or Mr. Pike for the entire list of clubs.

A rundown of WPGA’s student councils 

WPGA’s Student Council is comprised of 5 councils: 

  • Athletics 
  • Arts 
  • Service 
  • Spirit 
  • Wellness 

WPGA’s councils are in charge of planning events for the school to participate in. Annual events include: Staff v. student games (Athletics), Arts Week (Arts), We Scare Hunger (Service), Candy Grams (Spirit) and Mindfulness Colouring (Wellness). All councils have 2 grade representatives who are voted in by their grade. While Athletics, Arts and Spirit meetings can only be attended by the grade reps, Service and Wellness are open councils, meaning anyone can attend the weekly meetings. The applications are due on the 15th, election day is on the 20th, and results are announced on the 21st! To apply, please click here

To the new grade 10’s:

Your time has come to explore West 10th at lunch! Check out this article for a guide to the lunch scene of 10th (with the exception of the beloved Tims that has unfortunately closed down since):  

A few tips from an off-campus veteran:

  • Call ahead to avoid long lines and wait times
  • Plan your off-campus trips with the weather, it is not pleasurable to walk in the rain
  • If you want a quick snack or treat, the gas station is your friend 
  • Subway will always have long lines so be quick to get there 
  • Unless you want to run, DO NOT make the trek to Alma 
  • Lastly and most importantly, be polite and respectful to all the staff and customers! 

Updates from the Wolfington Post

  • We have opened applications for the 2022-2023 year! If you have an interest in writing, editing, or working with media, please click this link or refer to the “join” tab on our website. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
  • We have transitioned to communication on Discord. Please click this invite link to join our server. 
  • Our first meeting will be held this Thursday, September 15th at lunch in room 201 (Lu’s room). We will continue to host bi-monthly meetings after we discuss an appropriate meeting time.

Lastly, we are proud to announce that this year, for the first time ever, we are introducing a print edition! Keep an eye out for what will surely be an exciting edition. Copies will be available in classrooms and the satellite library in the UCCC. 

Have a great year Wolves! We look forward to what’s to come. 

– Emma, Jenny, and Michelle 

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