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Ode To Tenth

A glimpse into West 10th Avenue’s best eats

By: Deborah Jin (grade 11) and Annushka Agarwal (grade 9)

Photos by: Naomi Carruthers

A thriving community surrounded by a thicket of woods and beautiful views, West Point Grey Academy is home to a hungry, hungry pack of wolves. Fortunately, our school is located just a few minutes away from 10th Avenue: our very own food heaven. From cozy coffee shops to small bistros, the street accommodates nearly everyone. While the variety of places to eat is significant, I’ve tuned it down to just seven that are both price-friendly and well-loved by the students of WPGA. With each review, Annushka has written a limerick or haiku to embellish this tasteful experience!

Tim Hortons


There once was a coffee shop, Tims

The people who went there had limbs

The kids went there for spares

They loved musical chairs

And they sat on their phones playing Sims.

Tim Hortons is a classic WPGA spot. Whether you want a quick coffee and donut, or a warm bagel and soup, “Tim’s” or, “Timmies,” has a wide range of foods that appeal to students and teachers alike. Additionally, it is only a 5-10 minute walk from WPGA, making Tim’s the perfect go-to coffee shop.  

Bean Around The World


There once was a bistro named Bean

Where the kids loaded up on caffeine

They sold coffee and tea

Students drink it with glee

Bean sure beats out a vending machine!

There are two types of people: Those who go to Tim Hortons and those who go to Bean Around The World. Those who enjoy both are a rare breed. While Tim’s makes the quickest caffeine drinks, students may want to go to Bean if they desire a more organic selection of foods. The interior is not spacious, but it definitely provides a cozy atmosphere.

Sun Sushi


On tenth, there’s a sushi shop, Sun

The sushi is yummy and fun

They have many a roll

And an eel that’s served whole

I guess Tims has been sadly outdone.

10th Avenue has an abundance of sushi restaurants, but Sun Sushi is one of the most popular. They appeal to students mostly because of  their quick service. This proves to be helpful when students are in a hurry during regular lunch hours. Sun’s menu ranges from classic sushi rolls to large party trays that can be shared with your friends, all at reasonable prices. If you arrive there fast enough, you may be able to  beat herds of students trying to get seats!

Pizza Hut


The hut has such flavourful pie

Its reviews say it’s quite the bull’s eye

Pepperoni and cheese

And anchovies and peas

If you want tasty snacks you should try!

Pizza is on almost everyone’s list of favourite foods. Luckily, we have our own Pizza Hut right on 10th Avenue! Pizza Hut has reigned in the pizza sector for decades and it’s no surprise the business is still going strong. They have a vast selection of pizzas as well as wings, pasta, side options, dessert and more.

Gold Train Express (Pho)



Rice noodles in soup

The taste of Southeast Asia

Yummy comfort food

There is no shortage of Asian restaurants on 10th Avenue, but Gold Train Express is a popular lunch spot for students. Many people know this Vietnamese restaurant as just “Pho,” or “the pho place.” The delicious rice noodles in a soup base are what most of us go for, but Gold Train Express serves a whole variety of foods loyal to the Vietnamese cuisine.



My favourite lunch place is Burgoo

The highlight, I think, is their stew

A concern is the price

Though regardless it’s nice

Get there fast to avoid the long queue.

This nearby bistro prides themselves in serving “food for comfort.” Though it is smaller than your typical fine-dining restaurant, Burgoo provides a reasonably large menu in a modest setting. From their soups and sandwiches to pies and staple macaroni and cheese, students will get to experience authentic home-style cooking. Because they have a lot of guests, it is safest to go during longer lunches.

Rice Burger


I love Rice Burger

The aroma of rice buns

Great quality food

The name itself describes everything about this fusion restaurant. Rice Burger opened their location on 10th Avenue just last year and they’ve already become one of the most popular places on the street. It is a small place with a limited menu, but each rice burger is made with care. Whether the ingredient between the rice buns is “Spicy Chicken Katsu” or “Prawn Tempura,” you will be promised great quality food.


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