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Wolves Athletics Recap – Fall

By Henry Liu '26 Find out what wolves athletes have been up to this month!

By Henry Liu ’26

Wolves Senior X-Country 2021-2022

Do you want to learn about what’s happening in the sports arena this term?  If you are, you have come to the right place. Here are some athletic highlights in the first few months of school.


At WPGA, soccer in September has two parts: senior boys soccer and junior school soccer. The senior boys soccer team started its trials as early as September 7th, from 8:00 to 9:30 am at the Playing Fields, Jericho West. Besides trials and practice, the boys soccer team has done a great job winning matches. In fact, the varsity boys team beat the Saints A team for the first time in history. Not only did they accomplish this win, but they also tied with Southridge in a 2 match tourney! Go wolves!


Grade 8 volleyball plays in X blocks from 7:00 to 8:00 am in the Lower Gym. They have started their season against St. Patrick Regional Secondary school and Crofton House. The JV team will be playing in the ISA tournament on October 22 and 23 at Crofton House. Go wolves!

Cross country

On September 27th, Wolves senior cross country ran like lightning in Jericho beach park, from 3:45 to 5:40 pm. The following day, the team had a tournament from 2:00 to 4:30 pm. The team recently competed in their second league meet, with 9/12 medals going to WPGA. Lastly, to end off their season, the Wolves will be running at Jericho in the BCSS XC Championships on November 6. Go wolves!


Swimmers have been training hard ever since Whistler Training Camp at ISAs October 16th! Keep an eye out for the awesome green crewnecks in the halls. In the month of October, more Zones and Provincials are going to happen! Go wolves! 

Why is it important to play sports?

If there is anything needed for ordinary citizens to thrive in life, it is athletics. In fact, the world contains more than 8000 sports for athletes to participate in, and 96.5% of the population enjoys physical activity. However, for students that have a fondness for athletics, there is an abundance of activities in WPGA that students can participate in. Go wolves!

Before participating in athletics, it is imperative for individual athletes to understand the benefits of physical exercise. According to Sports Participation Canada, people who partake in sports get better sleep, less stress, and a good quality of mental health. #wolvesonthegrind 

  1. Sleep

Exercise and sport trigger chemicals in the brain that can make individuals feel happier and relaxed. Team sports provide a chance to unwind and take part in an activity that improves fitness. Thus, if athletes play sports, they can benefit from fresh air which promotes a good night’s sleep. In fact, more than 71% of the population that enjoys playing sports get solid sleep. 

  1. Stress

When students are physically active, your mind gets a chance to unplug from daily stresses and strains of life. Physical exercise reduces the stress hormones in the body and stimulates the release of endorphins. These endorphins provide more energy that helps athletes focus on happier events in life. 

  1. Mental health

The Public Health Agency reports that regular participation in sport and being active can also promote good mental health. This includes improving an individual’s mood, enhancing sense of well-being, reducing anxiety, combating negative emotions, and protecting against depression. 

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