Christmas in the Time of COVID-19

What you can do to make this Christmas special, while staying safe at home

By Alex Liu (’24)

This winter break is different for all of us, but here are some suggestions for Christmas crafts and activities you can do to keep busy!

1) Making Christmas masks

Wearing the same mask everyday can get quite boring, so why not spice things up and get your mask in the Christmas spirit too?

2) Send Christmas cards

Although many of us won’t be able to gather together with our relatives this year, we can still make Christmas cards. You can send these to relatives to let them know you’re thinking about them and wish them a Merry Christmas.

3) Watching Christmas movies

With many places you’d hope to be able to go all shut down, and home being the only place to spend time, turning on the TV and watching some Christmas movies with the family isn’t such a bad idea. Above is a list of many different holiday-themed movies to try. 

4) Host virtual family gatherings

Despite the fact that many of us may not be able to meet with relatives this time of year, there’s no reason to not get together online. Why not host a virtual family gathering? It may not be the same as truly being together, but it’s certainly better than nothing. 

5) Trying new Christmas recipes

I’m sure many of us have tried many new recipes since the past few months, so with extra time over the winter break, try something new for Christmas dinner! A good suggestion is Tortiere, a Quebec meat pie usually served during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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