Student Culture

Chatter with Parker

By: Tina Qu (Grade 11)

A quick catch-up with Mr. Parker (includes dad jokes!)

“I really miss people,” starts Mr. Parker. “I miss all of the impromptu visits I used to get when people came into my office to have a num-num or an apple or just to ask me how I am. Not just the students, but also teachers who would come by all the time and sit on one of the couches and tell me about their day.” With social-distancing regulations in place, I’m sure that a lot of us can relate to how Mr. Parker is feeling. WPGA is a home for many people, and it’s been painful being away from our family for so long. 

“But it’s also important to see the good in things,” he mentions. “I’m a little more reflective and a little more observant. It’s a beautiful spring, so there’s a lot to pay attention to in nature.” Mr. Parker, who just moved into a new neighborhood in the fall, has been taking advantage of quarantine to appreciate his brand new surroundings. He also values how things have slowed down (“At home, anyways!” He adds, “Work has really sped up.”), and how he has more time for his family. 

“When you think of a normal work or school day, you and your family all leave the house in the morning, come back in the evening for dinner, and then it’s time for bed. Each day can blend into the next. But recently, I’ve had some really amazing family time. More time at the dinner table. Regular exercise and working out. Watching movies together.” According to Mr. Parker, he and his family have watched seven of the James Bond movies and all of the Star Wars series. 

When asked how his first year at WPGA was, Mr. Parker immediately described it as “unforgettable.” But not just because we’re all living together through something very significant. “There have definitely been inconveniences, but I think that this time has revealed very beautiful things about everybody,” Mr. Parker reflects. “Like in terms of my first year at WPGA, I think there has been a lot of pressure that revealed very endearing aspects about the school, such as the quality of the people here and how much they care. People have desires to look after each other. The circumstances have caused me to have a really strong experience, and I don’t think I’m ever going to forget this place.” 

And in true Mr. Parker fashion, he ended his interview off by sharing some pretty terrible, but somewhat funny, dad jokes:  

I wish I could clean mirrors for a living; it’s just something I can see myself doing. 

Did you know you should always take an extra pair of pants golfing? Just in case you get a hole in one!

I’m terrified of elevators. I’m going to start taking steps to avoid them.


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