By: Tina Qu (Grade 11) with help from Emma Farahani (Grade 11) and Kaitlyn Nitta (Grade 11) 

From baking to delivering Easter chocolates, members of the WPGA community have been keeping busy!

It’s now been more than a month since we all saw each other last, and I’m sure without daily conversations in the caf, lobby, and classrooms, it’s been hard keeping up with what everyone has been up to recently. But luckily, with the help of social media, I was able to catch up with a couple of students from different grades, and it seems like many have taken advantage of the quarantine to engage in activities they typically wouldn’t have had the time to do. 

Cooking has been an incredibly popular pastime for many, including Benita Zhou (‘21) and Maggie Pope (‘20). While Makayla Wijanta (‘21) has been in the kitchen whipping up delicious carbonara, Isa Siu (‘21) has been working on mastering making mac and cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches. Similarly, many students have decided to make sweet treats by baking. Banana bread seems to have taken the crown as the most popular baking item since spring break among WPGA students. According to Betty Pan (‘21), she’s baked a total of seven loaves of banana bread since the beginning of quarantine, and will probably bake more. Kaitlyn Nitta has also made banana bread in addition to many mug cakes according to recipes she found on Tiktok. Mia Torres (‘24) has also baked a lot in her spare time, as well as doing yoga.

Quarantine is a perfect chance to learn new skills or brush up on old ones. Students have been making latte art, learning how to sew, and one is even attempting to become a nail tech! For those who are more artistically or musically inclined, painting, drawing, and playing instruments are also ways to keep themselves entertained. On the other hand, some others have chosen to take time to relax and destress, such as by reading or watching shows and movies in bed. Jenna Lam recommends “Money Heist.” which she claims is amazing, Michelle Li (‘21) recommends the “Bon Appétit Test Kitchen,” and Kaitlyn Nitta recommends “Nailed It.” Or, if you prefer, you could also relax the traditional way like Phillip Li (‘21): by napping. 

An important thing to remember is that social distancing does not mean you can’t go out at all! With the weather getting visibly nicer, a lot of students have been going out for walks, riding bikes, and skateboarding, such as Angel Ye (‘21) and Tiffany Cheung (‘21). For the older students, it’s also an excellent time to get on the road to practice driving!

Finally, a group of grade 11 students has used their extra time during quarantine to start a new community service project that began with delivering chocolates to the elderly during Easter weekend. Check out this blurb by Emma Farahani and Kaitlyn Nitta on the initiative:

As we learn more about COVID-19, it’s increasingly clear that the dangers rise for vulnerable populations – the most vulnerable being the elderly. This has led to health officials and governments calling for extreme measures to safeguard them. However, due to quarantine, many seniors are unable to see their loved ones during this uncertain time. In light of this, a group of students organized by Emma Farahani looked to raise morale around the West Side of Vancouver this past Easter weekend. With the generous donation from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, the group was able to deliver over 80 boxes of chocolates to the elderly community. No need to worry, the chocolates were well-handled with sanitized gloves and face masks. The group included students Kaitlyn Nitta, Natalie Pospischil, Maia Brittingham, Sienna Smith, Bella Steiner, Finley Sharp, Zara Smith, Claire Osborn, and Hannah Trotman.

After receiving a number of delighted responses from those who received chocolate, Emma Farahani and Kaitlyn Nitta decided that our community needs to support one another more than ever right now. They have created a small community project for helping the vulnerable affected by COVID-19 called Vancouver West Side Help. They plan to lead more events in the future, which can be followed on their Instagram @vancouverwestsidehelp. If there is anyone you know who may need assistance, whether it is someone to talk to or someone to aid you with groceries, please tell them to email 

In the end, no matter how you decide to spend your quarantined months, I’m sure that everyone is looking forward to the day this is all over, and we can see each other in person again. But until then, I hope that you all make the most of the situation, and stay safe! 


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