What WPGA Students Wear in the Winter Season

By: Mia Madelleine Torres (Grade 8)

How do WPGA students stay warm during the winter? Keep reading to find out! 

As tempting as it is to get that tank top or pair of shorts you saw online, winter season is here and it’s time to change your wardrobe and get ready for the cold weather! You know what we’re talking about — oversized hoodies, sweatpants, puffy parkas and fluffy socks are all you need for this winter season. Need some style tips? Here are some outfits West Point Grey students love to wear during the chilly season. Throw in some hot chocolate, some classic holiday tunes and you’ve got yourself a winter dream! Happy reading!


Emma Miao (Grade 10) : Teddy bear jackets? Urban Outfitters? That sounds like the perfect jacket for the winter season! We all love to wear something comfortable and stylish right? Emma stays warm with her favourite jacket from Urban Outfitters. We all totally need this right now!

“Urban Outfitters had a sale a few weeks ago and I got this super fuzzy black teddy jacket. I’ve been wearing it nonstop for the past little while because it’s so warm!”

Cadence Chua (Grade 8): Cadence likes to wear layers to keep herself warm during the winter. Although when she “overheats” (like we all do thanks to the heaters in school), she takes them off to stay cool. 

“I wear what’s called “layers” – a shirt, then a sweater, a jacket, then a bigger jacket. Then, I overheat and have to take it off.”

Noah Dachner (Grade 8): Noah loves wearing bold colours and comfortable clothing. He has a great sense of style, but loves keeping his coat on to avoid ‘freezing’. Don’t we all?

 “A warm jacket because I don’t want to freeze.” 

Carson Bawa (Grade 8): No matter what season it is, Carson loves to wear shorts all throughout the year. Are you brave enough to wear shorts at 0 degrees? 

“I wear what I call shorts – shorts.”

Julia Bohnen (Grade 8): Julia likes keeping it comfy but stylish at the same time! Don’t we all just love her style?

“I would wear my favourite grey sweater and light blue jeans with the bottoms rolled. I would also wear wool socks and my Hunter ankle boots and a zip up hoodie and my black vest over top. The most comfortable outfit!”

Tess Blake (Grade 12): Tess likes to wear the most comfortable and cozy outfit called the “groutfit.” Perfect for when we have tons of homework and tests coming up. Don’t you agree? 

“I wear what’s called the groutfit or “grey outfit” – cozy pullover hoodie, sweatpants, and fuzzy socks.”

Maddy Webster (Grade 8): Maddy has a great sense of style. She always keeps up with the latest trends, but still keeps it comfortable!

“I wear sweats and a hoodie or a tank, a fuzzy jacket and leggings.” 

Sebastien Grant (Grade 8): Sebastien keeps it classy, but comfy. And by the way, he calls the outfit the “Megatron” Awesome name isn’t it? 

“I like to wear a winter coat, jeans, a toque, gloves and a scarf. I shall name it…Megatron!”

Rachel Bhatia (Grade 8): Rachel loves to wear our favourite outfit of the season – the “Still Sleeping” outfit. 

“Still Sleeping – Sweatpants and sweatshirts with fuzzy socks and a winter jacket.”

Vivian Liu (Grade 8): Vivian likes keeping it short and sweet! Perfect for when we’re on the run!

“I wear a hoodie, sweats and a jacket.”

Cindy Zhu (Grade 8): Cindy loves to wear the first thing she sees in her closet which is usually a comfy hoodie and sweatpants. She calls it the “Me very comfy outfit.” Classic Cindy!

“I wear the ‘Me very comfy outfit’ – basically, the outfit is just sweatpants and t-shirt and my hoodie from my closet.”

Ava Joa (Grade 8): Ava has a very unique sense of style that is truly worth trying. 

“I wear a sweater that reaches my knees and a pair of cargo pants that are mostly held together by duct tape.”

Jenna Lam (Grade 10): -40 degrees!? Who can survive that? Luckily, Jenna has a lovely back story which proves that she is truly a winter expert!

“I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where we get 7 months of straight-up snow. I mean like, our old house was on a hill and we couldn’t open our basement door for half a year because there is so much snow buildup. I’m pretty used to -40 degree weather, because warm outfits are the key to surviving there. I don’t have a specific outfit I wear, but right now, I’m wearing a pretty warm puffy long coat over my uniform.”

Atticus Macintosh (Grade 8): Atticus gets into the winter season by wearing his very own “Pigonsy,”as he likes to call it. He loves to wear some Christmas pieces as well accompanied with his favourite fuzzy socks. 

“Well on a really cold day, I wear Christmas fuzzy socks and blue thick pj’s and a long sleeved pj shirt with a green hoodie and lastly, a bat onesie, I call it. I call it “The Pigonsy (pig-on-zy)” 

Summer Cannell (Grade 8): Like many of us, Summer likes to layer to keep herself warm. She also loves to wear her fluffy snow boots. So cute!

“I’m more of a layer kinda person. I wear like 1000000 layers of sweaters. I wear a long sleeved shirt, Lululemon leggings and snow boots that have fluff on top.”

Erica Chang: Don’t we all just love to wear our PJ’s all day? Erica keeps it comfy and cozy with her purple hoodie to keep her warm. 

“I like to call the clothes I wear in the winter, PJ’s with a really fuzzy purple hoodie with pockets.”

Bernardo Temke (Grade 8): During the winter season, Bernardo likes to keeps it simple. 

“I wear a grey old hoodie and baggy pants and long socks.”

Cristina Banducci (Grade 8) : Cristina goes for the crazy Christmas patterns during the winter season! With her cozy and festive style, she is so ready for this time of the year!

“I wear cozy cotton PJ’s, pajama pants with crazy Christmas patterns because my aunt makes me and my cousins pajama pants every Christmas! I also wear my fluffy pink blanket, which is basically an article of clothing because I’m always wearing it! And of course, some fuzzy socks!”

Juliette Levy-Gay (Grade 8): Juliette wears basically what we all would like to wear during winter season: a fuzzy onesie! 

“When I’m at home during the winter season, I usually put on a fuzzy onesie and big fluffy socks. Then I wrap a blanket around myself and put my hood on.”


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