Summer with Summer

By: John Wang (Grade 11)

Summertime – the time of the year we all yearn for. It is associated with all the good things in life: sunshine, spare time and freedom. From the hallways at school to gatherings with friends, mutters of displeasure about the cold, rainy weather and anticipation for summer can always be heard. However, when summer finally arrives, we often struggle to fill our calendars with enough events and end up staying home binging Netflix instead. And when the summer is over, we feel a deep sense of regret and beat ourselves up for wasting yet another summer break. Luckily, we are here to help by sharing some expertise from a veteran in this field. She has all kinds of activities in store, ranging from extravagant parades to outdoor sports and adventures! After all, summer is her middle… well, her first name!

Meet Summer Bacon; her first and last name resembles her two favourite things in the world. Indeed, she has lived every single summer to the fullest and there was definitely no shortage of bacon. Whether rain or shine, she is sure to find a way to have fun and enjoy life. Today, she would like to share some of those adventures with us.

If you’ve met Summer before, you’ll certainly know that she enjoys being outdoors. Of course, her summer has no shortage of that. One of her favourite pastimes during the break is hanging out around Lion’s Bay. It is a small community located on the shore of Howe Sound between Vancouver and Squamish. It takes just under an hour to drive to (or two hours to bus to) to get there and the experience is completely worth it. She always has a blast cliff jumping and rope swinging! To get to the fun spot, you first have to venture down a secret trail guided by train tracks (careful, they are still in use!) and wooden planks. After arriving, you’ll be greeted by the gorgeous sea and cliffs of many sizes, varying from 10 to 60 feet! Then, simply hop right in and enjoy (just stay clear of the rocks below)! Afterwards, Summer suggests sunbathing by laying on the rocks, climbing around, and picnicking with family and friends. She first discovered this paradise last summer and has not stopped visiting since. She hopes you’ll find joy at Lion’s Bay as well! Another place she likes to visit is Lynn Valley and all its surrounding parks. She especially adores the Lynn Canyon Park where a suspension bridge, many beautiful trails through the forest and lovely waterfalls are present. You can hike alongside the creek with clear glacier water, relax and picnic, or even swim! There’s also a deep section of water where Summer, along with many other visitors, likes to cliff jump! Needless to say, cliff jumping is one of her favourite hobbies.

If you’d rather stay local, she recommends hanging around the beaches and playing sports. This is a Vancouverite classic. We are blessed to have access to so many amazing choices: Jericho, Kits, English Bay, and more. You can swim, listen to music, and tan, just make sure you have sunscreen on! Laying down and relishing the moment is also a good option. Summer also likes playing games like frisbee, volleyball, and spikeball, which are a lot of fun. Of course, Summer’s summer beach guide would not be complete without soccer, her favourite sport. She has been playing her entire life and is currently a star on the varsity team! “Playing soccer with friends at the beach on a warm sunny day is literally the dream,” she said. Summer also recommends participating in the many parades that take place all over Vancouver. Her favourite one is the pride parade. A massive part of downtown is shut off to make room for booths, recreational activities, and of course, the parade itself. You could learn many interesting things from the booths and talk to fun people, all while having the best day and supporting a marvellous community.

Sometimes, the heat outside makes you really crave some refreshments. Summer’s personal favourite place to chill and replenish is Rain or Shine Ice Cream. Every flavour they have is guaranteed to delight your taste buds, and the price is very reasonable. On Tuesdays, you can even get your ice cream in a crunchy taco! It has received many positive reviews for its uniqueness and you should definitely give it a try. Additionally, you can also take your ice cream to the beach to continue living that good life. Finally, if it happens to rain outside, do not worry. Your day isn’t ruined, you don’t have to stay indoors and lie on the couch; Summer’s got your back! She promises you a fun experience at the Vancouver Aquarium. No matter how old you are, you will always be fascinated by the experience. Looking at cute animals, gobbling down the aquarium’s delicious burgers, and watching the world-renowned animal shows are just some of the many wonderful things you can do there. So whenever it’s drizzling outside, plan a trip to the aquarium with your family and friends and simply have fun.

Now that you have all this info, there is nothing else to do than go out and enjoy summer! Remember, summer is a time for exploration. You can discover new places and things to do and create many unforgettable memories. If this article gave you more motivation to thrive during this upcoming summer, make sure to give Summer a big smile in the hallways!


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