How to Avoid FOMO

As spring break approaches, everyone’s plans seem to be somewhere warm and beautiful. But for those of us staying in dreary Vancouver, here’s a short guide to how to avoid FOMO.

By: Alison Lee (Grade 11)

Whilst eating your ice cream in a blanket and pillow fort in cold and rainy Vancouver, you scroll through more bikini pics from Hawaii, sunsets in Mexico, and drool-worthy foodie boomerangs than you ever thought possible. Look, we’ve all been there. As the feeling of intense FOMO¹ sets in, you know that you shouldn’t want to be there this badly. But when you search #selfcare (somewhat unironically) you’re told that face masks and bubble baths are the key to a happy life. Something isn’t right here.

It’s time to face the music. Self-care is a lot more than a gooey face mask and a pink Lush bath bomb that you spent $6 plus tax on – and it usually isn’t all that pretty. Step one is admitting there’s an issue. Your friends probably are having a lot of fun in the sun, but you were having a pretty decent time in that pillow fort of yours until you opened up Instagram. Which is why step two is a social media cleanse. Yeah I know, it seems (and pretty much is) impossible until you just do it. But trust me, by hour fifteen, you’ll start to realize how much of the world you were missing out on while staring at those identical sunset pics that you’ve seen over fifty times. Step three is reconnecting with yourself. Understand that without the constant comparisons and reminders of where everyone else is, you with your Netflix and hot chocolate is more than enough to have a good time. Step four is optional, but strongly recommended: go outside! It’s probably raining, so maybe go to the aquarium or art gallery, but seriously, Vancouver has some interesting places and activities to offer. Grab lunch with your other miserable friend, sneak some good snacks into the movie theatre, and text the person you’ve been crushing on! I know you can do this, and before you know it, you’ll be glad you stayed and spent some quality time with yourself.

Best wishes,

Wellness Council

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¹FOMO: Fear of missing out





1 comment on “How to Avoid FOMO

  1. Funmaster

    FOMO?! Bollocks! Fun is where you make it!


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