Winter Break Tips and Tricks

Evie discusses, books, Netflix and bonus marks…

By: Evie Tomita (grade 11)

What do the winter months at WPGA look like? Students bunched up in warm coats and scarves, rosy cheeks and red noses, the aura of anticipation of the holidays in the air. Just a few weeks, days, hours, and we’re out of here. But the arrival of the holidays also begs the question: what are the students doing with their few weeks of precious freedom? Whether you are going to a sandy beach, a snowy mountain retreat, far across the ocean, or staying at home, here are three tips and tricks to keep in mind during winter break.

Number one: don’t forget to read that book. Yes, you know the one. It’s the last day of classes and a girl is sitting by the window, quietly staring at the snowy hills below. Meanwhile, your friends are chatting excitedly about their holiday plans. All of a sudden, the teacher comes in, heaving twenty plus novels onto their desk. The books slam and everyone looks up. A collective sigh fills the room. Just as you expected, you must read the book over the break. Whether you enjoy reading or not, it’s always disgruntling when homework is assigned during what is supposed to be a time where schoolwork doesn’t exist. But my advice? Read it as early as you can. Trust me: going off into a tropical wonderland is no fun when there is a nagging thought in the back of your mind; 400 pages just waiting for me when I get back home. So honestly, pick up the book. Better to do it early too, rather than cramming it all in the day before school starts. You’ll be happy that you read it, and who knows? You might actually enjoy it.

Number two: don’t spend your break watching all that Netflix. I know, this one’s a tad controversial. And to be completely honest, I would be lying if I’m not glued to my screen once in a while, pretending to be a surgical resident on Grey’s Anatomy, dreaming of living in New York like in Friends, or soaking up Michael Scott’s wisdom in the Office. I’m not saying deprive yourself of the shows you love but – try not to stay indoors, or even in one spot for too long. Winter break is a time for you to do the things you couldn’t when your days were filled with school. Spend your time with your parents, siblings, friends, pets. Whoever you cherish and enjoy spending time with. Eat. Eat so much food that you burst. Try new foods and restaurants you’ve never heard of before. Be adventurous. Go on that hike. I see school as a place where you are discovering who you can become. But you decide who you are right now, all on your own. I digress. Honestly? Just get out of bed.

Number three: make New Year’s resolutions. Okay, I know it sounds cheesy, when you think of things like I will be a better person next year, or I’ll do yoga once a week, or I’ll stop eating so many pancakes. But whether or not you actually follow through with the resolutions you make, when the ball drops you still have that sense that a new year is coming, and so is a new you. Besides, looking back on the past year is a good way to pause and reflect on everything that has happened as well as everything that can happen in the coming twelve months. In case you’re struggling with this one, I’ve prepared five resolutions from my personal list:


  1. Always argue with Mr. Butler for bonus marks. Never back down, or show weakness.
  2. Actually read the preparation material for your classes: because if you don’t, you have no idea what’s going on. And yes, that is a bad thing. And no, you can’t just wing it.
  3. Freak out less about things that don’t directly involve you. Exhibit A: just because Kim Kardashian had another baby doesn’t mean you can scream in the middle of Pre-Calculus.
  4. Join a new club at school. You know there’s an American Sign Language club? And a Spanish club? A Club Veg? Well, I can’t join Club Veg, I’m not a Vegetarian…
  5. Become a Vegetarian, so I can join Club Veg.

Mix and match, or make your own! Have fun!

Oh, and have a fantastic Winter Break.


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