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Humans of WPGA – What Are We Listening To?

Each Humans of WPGA volume showcases short profiles of students who attend our school. By Julia Bohnen '24, pictures by Anderson Gao '24.

By Julia Bohnen ‘24, pictures by Anderson Gao ‘24

Ever wondered what WPGA students are listening to in study blocks or while walking the campus? Here’s an inside view of our favourites.

Each Humans of WPGA volume showcases short profiles of students who attend our school. Aimed at bringing our community closer during this year of intended connection, we hope that HOWPGA allows you to see inside the lives of students attending our school and encourages you to seek connections with people you’ve yet to meet. And who knows, maybe you’ll meet a new friend, or a few! 

Jessica (’23) and Megan (’23) debate over a song in Lu’s Lab

In this edition, I asked students what they have been listening to recently. From classical symphonies to ’80s Indie, the music we enjoy transports us to a different place and time in an inner world all of our own. Through these short interviews, I hope you appreciate a view into the inner lives and minds of our friends and classmates. 

To begin, I was unsure of where to start so I texted Jessica (’23 and pictured above) on a Thursday night and asked if she’d be willing to share her music preferences, knowing all too well what I would come across. Avid Taylor Swift fan and business club advocate, Jess would recommend the album folklore by Taylor Swift to everyone. Recently, she’s been listening to track 15 off the aforementioned album, entitled “peace”. 

Check them out here:

folklore Album by Taylor Swift


I didn’t have Spotify until taking Mrs. Haider’s Grade 8 English Class, but since then I’ve accumulated surprisingly few playlists and one of these is Manuela’s, who is in Grade 9 this year! Manuela has a background in music as a member of the choir and fine arts program which is showcased in this expertly curated set of recommendations. First up is an artist who is “such an icon” and whose music “is just too good” – of course, David Bowie. Manuela says his pop songs “can be overplayed” but “if you can listen to those songs and not feel like dancing you’re doing something wrong!” (see “Suffragette City”, “Modern Love”, “Under Pressure”, “Diamond Dogs”). “Then there’s his songs that just make any situation feel grand and cinematic or just special” (see “Fame”, “Blackstar” and “Heroes”) 

Manuela’s next recommendation is Harry Styles’ album Fine Line.  “There IS a reason this is considered one of the best albums of the last decade!”. Top recommendations include  “Sunflower Vol. 6”, “Canyon Moon”, “Treat People with Kindness” and “Golden”. 

Last is a duo (siblings Rocky and Ross Lynch) known as THE DRIVER ERA. On their album Girlfriend “each song on there feels like it has such a unique identity to it” but special recommendations go to ‘Leave Me Feeling Confident”, “When You Need A Man”, “A Kiss”, “Fade” and “Forever Always”.

Some song recommendations:


“Sunflower Vol. 6”


Henry in Grade 10’s go-to songs definitely span the widest range of all the WPGA students I interviewed. He’s a dedicated and advanced scholar and impressively fast runner, and leans towards classical music, “ranging from orchestral music like Violin Concerto in E Minor and Op 64, by Mendelssohn, to piano music like Ständchen by Schubert”. Symphonies round out his canon of classic works. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Henry listens to pop by artists like Ed Sheeran, Adele, Bruno Mars and on occasion, some Eminem. 

Listen to one of Henry’s favourites here:

Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E minor

I met Oscar (‘26) earlier this year in my French class. New to senior school this year, Oscar has demonstrated his academic and athletic prowess in advanced French and the Wolves Alpine Team. I asked him what type of music he listens to and he responded with songs by Confetti, Imagine Dragons and The Script. 

Here’s Enemy by Imagine Dragons

and Hall of Fame by The Script

Lighting manager of this year’s play and our resident Aussie, I knew I wanted to ask Matt in Grade 12 about his music taste, and he did not disappoint! He’s into “indie 80s & 90s” music. When asked about what he’s been listening to, he responded with three bands: The Smiths, Psychedelic Furs, and The Grateful Dead. 

Matt’s top recommendation at the moment is There Is a Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths.

That’s all for this edition. I hope you’ve found some new songs to add to your playlists and maybe even some new favourites! Thanks to all the contributors and to you, for reading about our fellow Humans of WPGA!

Humans of WPGA is inspired by Humans of New York, a project started in 2010 with the aim to give the world a view into the lives of strangers living in New York City. With over 20 million followers, this account has initiated a new style of journalism that intimately connects readers with people they’ve never met before.

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