Wellness Wall: Therapeutic Arts and Crafts

Feeling stressed out? Try these therapeutic arts and crafts!

By: Rubi Katz

I think we can all admit we get caught up in the chaotic hustle and bustle of school more often than we want. With exams underway and everyone wanting to get their grades as high as they can in the final stretch, I know things can feel stressful. I hope you are not too nervous for these upcoming months but if you are (or you want something to procrastinate with) here are a few therapeutic arts and crafts you should try.

Draw in the dark

Drawing in the dark may sound odd; however, I think this is one that many of us could benefit from. You don’t need to be the best artist to try this! If you are stuck, try drawing a continuous line all over the page (as seen above) and later you can colour it in. Many people feel most stressed when they’re being watched and criticized or judged on any activity. So turn the lights off and draw your heart out. 

Make your own playdough 

This activity may sound very juvenile, but playdough has many benefits that your five-year-old self wasn’t aware of.  If you can’t find any old playdough that isn’t dried up, making your own is simple and requires few ingredients. This quick ten minute recipe from the Stay At Home Educator doesn’t need cream of tartar, and there are many other recipes out there so feel free to find your own. For extra relief, try adding essential oils into your playdough; I suggest lavender to relieve stress and anxiety, or spearmint which helps relax the respiratory and nervous system. Need to release your anger or frustrations? After making your masterpiece, enjoy smashing your work without any permanent or harmful consequences.

Now go and get crafty!

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