Modern Family Review

Find out what makes Modern Family tick!

By Michelle Lin

I remember lying comfortably in my chair, flying from Vancouver back to my hometown. The trip was rather dull, but the discovery of Modern Family overcame my boredom. I sniggered on many instances on account of the drama within the show’s diverse family. 

Modern Family is an Emmy-winning mockumentary show that has been around since 2009. Unlike many other shows that portray family relationships as impeccable and always loving, Modern Family captures the reality of how families function: based on laughter, sadness, jealousy, pointless bickering, and of course, unconditional support for one another.

Another unique aspect of Modern Family is that it includes three different families who all have their own dynamic. Jay and Gloria demonstrate how two different cultures can bloom and nurture a mature boy, Manny. Unlike the boys his age, he opts for pure romance when it comes to getting girls and values approval from his mother. Phil and Claire have contrasting personalities: Claire tends to prioritize work over having fun. However, their relationship is idiosyncratic in the sense that Phil is always able to bring out the fun side of Claire. An iconic scene that takes place every season is their romantic cosplay of Clive and Juliana. Claire often feels like she has four kids instead of three. Despite growing up in the same household, Alex, Hayley, and Luke turn out to be completely different. Alex dominates her peers as well as her family in terms of academics. While Hayley, her sister, constantly endeavors to bring the fun side out of her, it does not last long as Alex chooses to embrace her nerdy side. Hayley, on the other hand, distinguishes herself with her remarkable taste in fashion. Even though she does not attend university and goes to a community college, she is still happy with her life. While the whole family doubts her, she ends up being hired by one of the most prominent fashion companies. She fills the role of the typical popular high school girl who never worries about her academic life and makes her parents distressed about her future. Speaking of the future, Luke is recognized as a smart kid with bright prospects. In comparison to his sisters, Luke is intrigued with the minutia in life. He has an affinity for Phil, his dad, because they both dare to take risks in life. The three different kids show distinct approaches to life. Ultimately, they each fulfill their own dreams, content about their lives. The quirky ambiance never seems to fade in Cameron and Mitchell’s house. Similar to Claire and Phill, Mitchell sometimes needs a little push from Cameron to truly enjoy things in life. 

I thought it was fascinating how even though certain characters on the show may be completely contrasting with their partners, resolutions are always reached. Furthermore, Modern Family truly accentuates how powerful a united family can be. When everyone is involved, actively thinking about potential solutions to daily problems, the process of being part of a large family automatically becomes less tedious. At the same time, they also solidify loving bonds with one another. 
Overall, Modern Family is excellent in its depiction of family relationships. No family is going to be harmonious all of the time, but the imperfections are what make the show realistic. In a way, I guess you can say that the small altercations the characters go through make them a “perfect” family because those are the adversities that a family has to overcome together with love and acceptance.

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