How early is too early for Christmas?

Whether you’re crackhead Christmas crazy, or wait until the 24th to put up your tree, here’s an article that will make you reconsider your Christmas timeline.

By Juliette Levy-Gay (’24)

I’m sure we can all agree that the Christmas season, with its joyful music, delicious food, and festive decorations, is a time that most people look forward to from the minute it ends. At least I know I do. Some people look forward to the holiday season so much that they just can’t wait until December to get into Christmas Crazy Mode. But really, how early is too early for Christmas? After Halloween? After Remembrance Day? That’s what this article will discuss, so if you’re interested in hearing my opinion, keep reading! 

*Now, there is a heated, everlasting debate surrounding this topic so I would like to request in advance that anyone reading this please not come after me for any opinions that contradict their own.*

There are many different aspects of Christmas and I feel that each one deserves its own timeline. Let’s start with decorations. From house lights and inflatable Santas to mistletoe and stockings, there are endless ways in which people decorate their houses for Christmas. With regards to outdoor decorations, it depends on whether the neighbourhood is Christmas crazy or not. It’s always a little awkward when you’re the only one on your street with decorations. Overall, I’d say outdoor decorations are acceptable anytime after Remembrance Day. As for indoors, you can put decorations up whenever your family pleases. Maybe not until after Halloween though… 

Next, we have baking and music. In all honesty, if you don’t love baking gingerbread while jamming to Mariah Carey in your kitchen, you are certifiably insane. For me, these Christmas features are some of the highlights of the holidays…and the three months before. Personally, I don’t think it’s ever too early to do some Christmas baking and listen to Christmas music, especially if you’re in a bad mood—these activities can really cheer you up. 

Lastly, everyone is familiar with the mini Christmas trees, huge ribbons and mechanical Santas that live in store windows throughout December, as well as the Christmas catalogues and illuminated trees that line Broadway and Granville Island each night. These fixtures are widely looked forward to among my friends and family; however, if they are introduced too soon, they can lose their charm by the time Christmas rolls around. I think  companies should wait until at least mid-November to launch any Christmas-related public displays or marketing. 

My guess is that, despite this extremely persuasive article, people will continue to decorate their houses on November 1st, transition from poppies to Santa hats as soon as it’s acceptable, and companies will continue to send out their yearly Christmas catalogues the moment the shipments arrive. I mean, you can never get enough Christmas! Except when you do. Christmas only happens once a year for a reason. In just those few short weeks, there is more excitement, joy, and magic in the air than any other time throughout the year. If we extend those weeks to months, the magic may not feel as powerful when the 25th finally comes. The joy might not be as lively. The charm may gradually fade. All in all, I love the Christmas season with my whole heart, but I don’t want it to be less than it could be just because we started celebrating too early.

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