December Horoscopes!

Wondering what's in store for you this month? Read on for some accurate and insightful predictions about your future.

By Brigette Lee (’22) and Manuela Shklanka (’25)

Aries: March 21 – April 20 Aries

Hello to the ambitious Aries!

Put a smile on your face this month, Aries, as keeping a positive outlook will be key this month. Conversations will be flowing easier thanks to Mercury entering Sagittarius at the start of the month. Though people won’t be minding it as much, still watch out for what you say and do: not everyone appreciates your bluntness and fiery temper sometimes. Holding on to that joy-filled theme of the holidays will be top of mind for you this month, Rams, but one week into this month, you’ll need to start focusing on yourself. Stay on top of the pandemic restrictions, get enough sleep, and stay healthy. December 14th will be the perfect time to go out of your comfort zone, maybe take on more work if you can manage it, and do some exploring. After four days of winter break, you’ll be feeling lazy and just wanting to relax, but the 21st will be the time to figure out how to accomplish your goals and act on them. Around the same time, some social life cleaning will be top of mind. If anyone is holding you back whose friendship you are outgrowing, have a conversation with them to see whether it is a connection worth keeping. If not, find a way to let go that won’t hurt anyone. The end of this month and the beginning of January are times when you will need to take a break for yourself, so relax and be a bit selfish. You’ll need it.

When it comes to friends and family, be patient with your Rams. They’ll be rushing around getting things done, so offer help if you can. As already mentioned, December won’t be easy for them. At the start of the month, a gift that will inspire or excite them is the way to go (though make sure they don’t already have it), but by the end of the month — like with other signs (possibly like with yours) –the best gift for an Aries will be something self-care related. Encourage their passionate and independent side, maybe with something athleisure, like a sweatshirt or sneakers.

Taurus: April 20 – May 21 Taurus

Hello to our trail-blazing Taureans!

This month will be extremely intense for our dependable Bulls. You’ll need someone to depend on for a change. Hang out with someone you love and trust, whether virtually or sitting down face-to-face (if they’re in your household, of course). Though in this rough time, you’ll want to take it slow to root yourself, but trust your instincts and try to go with the flow. This month, go ahead and have some laughs and enjoy yourself with those around you. Don’t lose momentum, and pick up something to do over the holidays to take advantage of free time. You’ll be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the middle of December, but don’t let that drag you down. Take this time to reboot and refresh. 

Try to put your Taureans first this month if you are part of the core group of people they love and trust. It’s going to be a tricky time, and it has been a challenging year for them. Recommend movies and shows — especially comedy or light-hearted ones — for them to relax and enjoy. Keep an eye out for them, and check in every once in a while. It won’t be easy for them to be the rock in your life; it’s your turn to be the rock in theirs. Show them that you care by getting them a gift: something they’ve been thinking of buying for a while, something personalized. Maybe something like a box of chocolates, a piece of tech, or something from their favourite store. You know your Taurus enjoys something of good quality: splurge on them if you can. Lighten the stress that will be placed on them; their bullheadedness will not be in their favour. 

Gemini: May 21 – June 20  Gemini

Hello, generous Gemini!

At the end of November, you felt inspired, but this December won’t be as easy-going. When your ruling planet, Mercury, entered Sagittarius at the start of the month, you felt resourceful and confident. Hang on to this feeling, as your self-confidence will be taking a hit by mid-December, and you’ll become more aware of your emotional issues and how to heal. Don’t let it hold you back from anything, and take some time to self-reflect. The Twins will probably be more forward-thinking at the solstice when Saturn enters Aquarius. Take some time during the holidays to set some goals for yourself. Throughout this month until the 21st, your concentration levels will be depleted, as is expected of such a hard-working sign when under stress. A boost to your energy will come right about at the winter solstice, and you’ll be itching to get things done. By the full moon in Cancer a couple of days before the New Year, relaxation will be key. As much as you are usually a people person, airily handling a large friend group with relative ease, take a break. This month is all about being selfish, but with the purpose of bettering yourself, Gemini.

To the family and undoubtedly many friends of the Twins, here are some gift ideas: think gel pens and a journal for some self-reflection or them just to scribble things down. Maybe a mobile charger for your resident Gemini to never be unconnected, or a desk organizer. But respect their need for some space. Usually, they’re the ones filling this space, but this holiday, give them the downtime they deserve and encourage it if they aren’t taking it. You’ll know when they’re ready to reconnect with the world.

Cancer: June 21 – July 22 Cancer

Hello to our caring Cancers!

Welcome to December, the month of holidays, which for you means caring for others with celebrations and fun activities. This month will be a lot different than what you’re used to; you can try to be the one to connect with your friends or family this holiday season virtually or in a slightly different manner than usual. Use the energy from Mercury in the Archer to reach out with friends and family, check in on an older person in your life or a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, and just go with the flow. The middle of this month will get you feeling like some rest, and go ahead and relax. Don’t neglect any responsibilities you should be taking care of, though. Get off the couch at the burst of energy from Capricorn on the 21st, and go on full power mode when the full moon enters your sign in the last few days of the month. Be the intuitive, caring person you are all this month; your friends and family will need some support. Don’t forget to take advantage of the time to rest and relax, and focus your care inwards as well.

Cancers’ friends and family, be patient with your Crabs. Maybe they’ll act a bit crabby towards you, needing that personal space, and that’s okay. Offer them some motivation late in the month for them to take advantage of the high energy levels, but other than that you can support their emotional side with a gift. Cancers love something nostalgic, maybe a photo album with pictures of before the pandemic having fun. Another good idea is a gift card to their favourite store, for them to splurge on themselves for a change. Something that feels personalized, but let’s them feel cared for, for a change. All in all, keep an eye out for the Crabs in your life. 

Leo: July 23 – August 22 Leo

Hello to all leading Leos! 

Your stress levels are at the max this December, so be careful, Leos. With the communication planet Mercury in adventurous Sagittarius, you’ll be seeing others not being careful enough with what they say, and you might be one of them if you don’t watch out. Try to let any negative energy go, though it might not come easy to you, being a stubborn sign. A new moon and solar eclipse in Sagittarius usually would have the Lions laying low, but a trine between the Sun and your sign will give you a much-needed ego boost in mid-December. At the same time, you might be recognizing the need to heal old wounds, the emotional ones. Take some time for yourself the first couple of weeks of winter break to manage this and give yourself a break from the madness. Relationships and connections will be rocky all this month, so tread carefully. Overall, law back, law low, and stay healthy.

Friends and family of the Lions, be empathetic to their troubles. Support them in any way you can, and understand why they are acting so out of character in being quiet and careful. For the holidays, get them a gift that makes them feel loved and seen, like a piece of jewelry or facial/hand cream. Overall, the past year has been challenging for Lions, and this December is no different, so just stay on the lookout for any trouble on their horizons.

Virgo: August 23 – September 22 Virgo

Hello to our virtuous Virgos!

The end of November saw you being the stable one in your social life, and December is no different, but take some time for yourself, Virgos. Boldness and honesty is the theme for the first week or so as Sagittarius enters your ruling planet of communication, Mercury. After this, good things are coming your way when the Sun in Sagittarius trines Mars in Aries. Virgos, your hard work will pay off with some good news or luck heading your way halfway through the month. During the holidays, relax a bit. Plan a little, whether it be the next day or (when Saturn enters Aquarius) the following year. You’re good at that, but don’t over-analyze everything. This includes your friendships and connections. They may not be coming under the same strain as with other signs, but you’ll find that — like in November — you are the rock in many storms this month. Be there for those in trouble if you are in a position to do so. Every time you get the chance, do something to calm your busy mind, whether it be meditation, just deep breaths, or listen to calming music. It might be smooth sailing for you this month, and while you will finally get the chance to take a break from your hard work, you will still need to be diligent. 

Try to give the Virgos in your life a bit of a break. They’ve been working hard, as always, and being the responsible one takes a lot of energy. Rely on them if you need to or if they offer it, but otherwise, Virgos probably just want to be lazy this holiday season. A long chat about everything and nothing is undoubtedly in their mental to-do list, and in one of those lengthy conversations, let them let out some emotional strain for a change. As for gifts, any kind of organizer, another planner or journal (because let’s face it, they probably already have one), a bag that encourages their practical side, or a gift card are all good ways to go, but the more personalized and useful, the more those born under the perfectionist of the zodiac will love it. Other than helping them hit the pause button when they start to overthink things, all the loved ones of Virgos need to do is be there for them this month. 

Libra: September 23 – October 22 Libra

Hello loyal Libras!

This December will be a breeze for you, Libras. Conversations will be engaging and productive, and you’ll be finding new ways of sharing your ideas and thoughts. Starting something new or going above and beyond what is expected of you won’t be in your favour, but you’ll be feeling very comfortable improving on your current situation, whatever it might be. Praise and positive comments directed your way for your talents and work ethic will be everywhere, whether you notice it or not, so use this time to give your self-esteem a boost and spread your positivity with those around you. By the 21st, all the social energy will begin to fade, and this is the time to rest up and recharge. You might be feeling bored and uninspired, but this could be the perfect time to remember what brings you joy and celebrate it. The last few days of this month and year will get you right back to work; that is the time to think up your New Year’s resolutions or just to set yourself work or life goals, whether big or small. Enjoy this holiday season, Libras; you deserve it.

Something cozy will be the way to go for gifts for the Libras in your life. Winter is the time of curling up in an onesie or PJs while wrapped in a warm blanket with a mug of the warm drink of choice, maybe with a book to read or a movie to watch, and if the Libra you know is missing any of these items or any others that can help make their environment as snug as possible, that’s the way to shop this holiday season. Spend as much time with them as you can, especially before the 21st (while still following pandemic safety protocols, of course). The loved ones of Libras will benefit from all the positive energy radiating from them; therefore the only thing the friends and family of Libras need to worry about is keeping those born under this sign in the holiday spirit. 

Scorpio: October 23 – November 21 Scorpio

Hello to all strong Scorpios!

A boost to your confidence is coming your way this month, Scorpio! This December, you may find yourself treating yourself to a few things you’ve been looking at for a while or just getting yourself a sweet treat for your troubles. Go ahead, you deserve it, but watch out for spending more than is reasonable. A solar eclipse on the 14th will give you a bigger view of your self-worth. The next day, Venus will provide you with a more significant emphasis on your relationships, so try to strengthen those connections that are worth it and figure out which ones aren’t. This will come in handy when the sun on the winter solstice is emphasizing your communication. You will not just be in the mood for long chats with loved ones, but your ability to multitask will grow, helping you be able to go with the flow. Around that period is the best time to get things done. Personal issues, like those at home, will be coming up in your mind more frequently at this time as well; try to have patience with those in your bubble. Despite this, the end of the month will leave you wanting some adventure, to take risks or try something new. Stop stressing the small things and focus on the positive this holiday season, Scorpio.

Friends and family of Scorpios, solidarity, and patience are key this month. Your resident Scorpion is even more passionate (and some would say volatile) than usual this month, so give them some space and wait for them to come to you if there are any issues. Be the calming voice for them if you can. A great way to keep them from treating themselves too much this month while still spreading that holiday spirit is, unsurprisingly, getting them an amazing gift. Maybe a cool accessory like a scarf or a piece of jewelry, or perhaps something relating to self-care like a skin cream, something that will help them relax and take some time for themselves. Be ready for anything that comes your way, and know that your Scorpio rarely means ill by what they say or do.

Sagittarius: November 23 – December 22 Sagittarius

Happy Birthday to our strong-willed Sagittariuses! 

This December will not be easy for Sags, who are represented by the Archer. Though you will not be in the mood for obligations this month (you’ll definitely be feeling the end-of-term one stress), you will notice that you are working harder than everyone else, and they will see this too. Recognition for your hard work, whether big or small, and whether you notice it or not, is coming your way this month. The communication planet, Mercury, will light up your sign for most of the month, with Venus sliding in around the 15th. This means you may feel the need to talk back or argue with those around you, especially with your loved ones. Then Jupiter will slide in later in the month, restoring your ability to give advice and take it as well. Just be patient, and remind yourself that your relationships matter. Your difficulty with emotional closeness, sometimes overly-good skills with communication and freedom-loving spirit might rub the wrong way with some, but you must remember that they need a more empathetic and caring version of yourself to get through this month.

Now to the friends and family of Sags. This holiday season, they might be in the mood for something that will encourage the fiery adventurer in them, but also give them the much-needed break and relaxation they will need after such a busy and tiring month. Sags will be itching to be done with all the COVID restrictions, as they have probably been the ones that have found staying apart from the hardest. Chat virtually and let them relax with someone they trust — you, in this case. Send them videos, articles, or recommend movies that will spark the knowledge-seeker in them. With their mutable personality, Archers can be challenging to shop for, but look for a gift that will help them “explore” in some way or help them navigate the year ahead, like a journal, a backpack, or a self-help book (if that’s their thing). 

Capricorn: December 22 – January 20 Capricornus

Hello to our confident Capricorns!

December 2020 will be a good but tiring month for Caps, represented by the Goat. You’ll be feeling weared-down by work, but not discouraged. You’ll probably be cutting away at any unnecessary things in your life, wanting to minimize any extra work you might have so you can just relax when you’re done. Any challenges will not be difficult to overcome, and you may see many good things going your way. This month is the perfect time to go out of your comfort zone and look at your current emotional health and see where you can improve. Focusing may be an issue, and you might not feel you are improving as much as you want to. You might want to get involved in something else, or go above and beyond the necessary workload to increase your growth and responsibility, but don’t overwork yourself. When speaking to friends and family, try to think before you speak because this month, your mental filter will come under strain. Be mindful of your social connections, but take some time for yourself if you need to after a particularly difficult or emotional conversation. This month, especially around the holidays, you may be feeling overwhelmed emotionally, and finding someone you trust to share this with and work through may be exactly what you need. 

This holiday season, those close to the stubborn, down-to-earth Goats will need to practice patience and empathy. They’ve probably been working really hard or tried to try something new, to which it is not easy for them to adjust. If your Goat is not facing any immediately obvious issues, watch out for them, and connect with them as much as possible to continue to build and maintain the trust you have with them. Be patient with their watchful ways: they typically mean well. Find a way to connect face-to-face safely, and maybe go out and do something useful. Treat them to something they’ve been wanting for a long time but never got to getting or doing. Though they are a touch materialistic, they will appreciate a thoughtful gift for the holidays; think comfy sweater or desk organizer.

Aquarius: January 20 – February 19 Aquarius

Hello, analytical Aquarians!

To all born under the Water-Bearer sign, this month is looking up! By mid-December, both the ambition-driving planet Saturn and Jupiter, with its good fortune and wisdom, will be aligned with your constellation. Because of this, you’ll be energized, focused, and in the mood to treat yourself frequently. Go ahead, but be aware that Jupiter could make you feel like you’re being pulled in many different directions, and Saturn may make you want to beat yourself up for the smallest mistakes. Be patient, and watch as these two planets help drive up your self-confidence and be aware of your responsibilities, though doubt will certainly be hitching a ride with these feelings. Talk this doubt through with a trusted person in your life, and be prepared for others to be looking to you for guidance. This is also the perfect time for you to reconnect with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. During the holidays, take some downtime and relax: you’ve worked hard this month.

Friends, family, and trusted ones of Aquarians, just be there for them. If they would like to shed some of the emotional load on you this month, if you are in the position to do so, take the time to talk it through with them. If you feel some stress or strife this month, the Water-Bearers are generally in a great position to be there for you in turn, but first, ask them if they are okay with this. As for gifts, something quirky yet cool is the way to go. Aquarians are intellectual, idealistic, imaginative, and individual, so think of something they are really into right now. Maybe a quirky t-shirt, a fun mug, or a cool piece of tech is the way to go.

Pisces: February 19 – March 21 Pisces

Hello to all passionate Pisces!

The last month probably saw you swimming through life without much trouble, but this December will make you go out of your comfort zone. Early December will see you getting a lot of attention from your loved and trusted ones. Spend as much time as you can with them, as they’ll need your thoughtful and caring nature, but remember to stay safe and apart as much as possible, as hard as it may be. You know the precautions are important, so keeping them in mind when you spend time with your friends and family should not be difficult. The first week of December probably saw you getting lots of work done and feeling worn down afterward. By mid-December, you’ll be getting a burst of energy from the new moon in your constellation. At the same time, the solar eclipse in your fellow Jupiter-ruled sign Sagittarius will have you doing some soul-searching, but by the 21st, your attention will move back to your loved ones. Maybe organize something fun to celebrate the holidays virtually during this time, but leave the 29th open: the full moon in Cancer is the perfect time for some self-care. 

Friends and family of Pisces, the Fish in your life need some time for themselves. If they offer to talk to or hang out with you, go ahead because you know they need social interaction. But don’t forget to remind them to take some time for themselves. The perfect way to encourage this is a self-care gift. Whether it be a cozy blanket or some face masks, or just a book they might be interested in to get them to feed their intellectual curiosity, a gift that will get them to sit down and relax is the best way to go.

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