5 Fun and Safe Ideas for Halloween During COVID-19

It’s already Fall, which means Halloween is coming soon, but things will be slightly different due to the Covid 19 pandemic this year, so here are five fun and safe ideas to celebrate this year’s Halloween.

By Alexander Liu (Grade 9)

Make a candy chute: This creative dad created a contactless and fun way to give treats on Halloween. Building a cheap and simple chute to dispense candy is a safe and fun way to celebrate this year’s Halloween.  

Host a virtual party: For those who may feel more comfortable at home versus physically being with others, you can host a virtual party. Try planning online games, movies, and other fun activities to do!

Halloween Movie Marathon: What’s Halloween without scary movies? Although you don’t have to watch one every day, like suggested in the picture below (or you can!), choosing some scary films to watch at home or with friends can be a fun way to celebrate Halloween. Films such as The Blair Witch Project and La Llorona can really spook up a Halloween night. 

Include a mask in your costume: For those who choose to trick or treat, consider including a mask in your costume. Not only is it safe, but it can also be a lot of fun making one and wearing it too. 

Go “Ghosting”: Ghosting is a Halloween tradition where neighbors leave buckets of goodies at other people’s doorsteps. Phrases such as “You’ve been booed!” are common too. If your neighborhood does this during or around Halloween, by all means, join in! It creates a contactless, safe, and fun way to exchange and surprise neighbors with all sorts of different and exciting things. 

Overall, although Halloween might be slightly different this year, there are still many different ways you and I can celebrate and enjoy the tradition while still staying safe and healthy.

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