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Letter from the Editor

Hi Reader,

It’s me, Avrel Festinger, one of the founders and Editor in Chief of this beloved school newspaper. I’m not much of a procrastinator but I feel the need to let you know I have procrastinated writing this for weeks. I don’t really know how to part with something that I love so much and I certainly don’t know how to say goodbye to people that I equally care for. Starting the Wolfington Post in grade 11 was something incredibly scary for me. I had only been at the school for a year prior, but I really wanted to start a paper; I wanted to create a place where student writers, editors and creators could go to tell their own stories and report on others – and it happened, which is lovely, crazy and mind-boggling. 

Before I go any further I want to thank the administrators and teachers that helped me and continue to help me with this paper: Mr. Anthony, Mr. Pike, Mr. Peltier, Ms. Meneilly, Ms. MacMillan and Mr. Parker. Their support is so cherished and something I am beyond grateful for. Also, to any teacher that has ever lent me their keys so I could open room 108 for meetings – you are a bigger part of the Wolfington Post than you’d think! 

Now, to Tess Blake and Naomi Carruthers – my co-founders. From meetings in the back of Artigiano, to now – your dedication and determination mean everything to me. I could not have asked for better friends, or co-founders. 

To the Scholars, you guys make waking up early worth it. Thank you for your grace, your intelligence and your effort. There’s no eloquent or poetic way to describe how much i’ll miss you guys – just know that I will. 

To Tina, Ethan and Annushka – although “Director of Content” is too trendy a title for my simple brain to understand, I do know how great you guys are going to be as the future leaders of this media empire! I’m excited to see what you do. 

Finally, to everyone who reads the Wolfington Post – you are my favourite and consider this a gentle threat that you better keep reading this paper (or else). 

I’m aware that if this was the Oscars or Golden Globes the music would start playing and somebody would begin to usher me off stage because this letter/speech/stream of consciousness has gone on far too long. So, I finish with this: goodbye Wolfington Post – everything about this experience has made me better and I’m thankful for it. But this isn’t really goodbye, because I’ll always be lurking and i’ll continue to be this paper’s biggest fan. 

Thank you for everything, 

Avrel Festinger  


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