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2019-20 Wolfpack Wrap Up

By: Jenna Lam (Grade 11)

Journey through the school year once again as we go through some of the students’ best moments!

Goodbye WPGA! You’ve taught us so much over the past 9 months. We’ve learnt lessons – both personal and scholarly that have touched us in ways that will help us in the future. Although sometimes school was tiresome and difficult, we persevered to the end (a quite interesting end, if we do say so ourselves). Here are some adventures and memories made along the WPGA journey this year, as quoted by students of the WolfPack. In a survey, we asked students and staff what their favourite moment of the school year was. Here are their responses: 

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“Being the new kid at the school, I felt that there were many favourite moments. If I had to choose, it would have been my first day at school, especially meeting people, and making new friends. The community is so inviting…it makes me feel like I belong!” – Clayton Smyth, Grade 9


“VYMUN!” – Michelle Lin, Grade 9

There was this fantastic time in Bio 11 where Mr. Butler spoke in an Italian accent for the majority of the class. It made the horror of grade ten almost worth it. Also, when Rubi lost a pot in a river on our first WP trip was pretty fun.” – Wren Lee, Grade 10

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The two Model UN conferences I attended. It was my first year in MUN and I found the conference sessions really interesting and engaging, and the connections and friendships I made those weekends were better than anything.” – Juliette Levy-Gay, Grade 8

“A break from people. Lunch break with La Squadra II.” – Seb Blomerus, Grade 8

“I have a couple… VYMUN, watching the school musical, storytelling assemblies, Mic Night, and my work experience at Christianne’s Lyceum of Literature and Art.” – Tina Qu, Grade 11 

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“Ski provincials at Panorama Mountain…  #tuckdontsuck or all of the crazy 2 and a half WP trips we went on.” – Rubi Katz, Grade 10

“Skaha Bluffs rock climbing camping trip and VYMUN.” – Jenna Lam, Grade 11

“Tech week, being a student leader at Manning Park, Halloween and Grad events.” – Mira Barrett-McBride, Grade 12

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“One of my highlights of the school year was going to the Harvard Model Congress conference in Tokyo earlier this year in January. It was an incredible experience, and  I was fortunate enough to be able to meet and bond with students from all over Southeast Asia.” – Betty Pan, Grade 11

In addition to our tearful farewells from school, we also have to give a big special thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Avrel, our Editor in Chief and Tess, our Head of Communications. We’ll miss you! Below are some quotes from our very own team. 

“Thank you very much for creating the visionary organisation we know today as the Wolfington Post. It has been a source of inspiration and community to many. Personally, I enjoy writing the articles and marinating in the intellect of our scholarly team, and Avrel’s Friday morning snacks are the one constant in my life. I suppose the silver lining of your departure is that you will no longer have to listen to my overly critical and occasionally obnoxious commentary on life every Friday morning at 7:30AM. In all seriousness, I’m proud to have been a part of the newspaper under your leadership for the last few years, and I’m grateful to have gotten to know the two of you as team members and as friends. I’ll miss your listening ears, your kindness, and your flexibility when I change my article topic the night before drafts are due, yet again. Moving forward, I’m honoured to have a role in helping lead the newspaper into more years of glory, and I think I speak for the team when I say that we hope to continue your legacy of capturing the school’s heart through writing. Thank you for everything, and best of luck in the future to both of you.” – Annushka Agarwhal, Grade 10

“Avrel, I met you in Grade 9 in science class and I’ll miss your super sweet personality and your delicious baked goods!!! Tess, I’ll miss how you’re always cheery and positive even early in the morning!” – Tina Qu

“Dearest Avrel, your bravery in establishing the Wolfington Post became the gateway to my journalistic potential. Thank you for all that you’ve done — mentoring the new recruits, encouraging the writers’ creativity, lifting our spirits with your snacks from Stong’s. You will flourish at McGill!” – Anonymous 

“I loved the positivity that radiates off you both during our morning meetings. I’ll admit, I’m not an early bird but the Wolfington Post made it so worth it to wake up at 7 AM. Best of luck to you both, Avrel and Tess… but I know you guys don’t need it. 🙂  – Jenna Lam, Grade 11

“Dear Avrel and Tess, thank you for being the most amazing, hardworking, and supportive leaders ever! You’ve both worked tirelessly to make this newspaper successful all while being so kind and patient with all of us. I couldn’t be more proud of you guys and all that we as a team have accomplished because of you. These past two years have been incredible and I’m so grateful for both of you. Not only will I miss writing for the newspaper but I’m going to miss watching you both thrive and inspire so many others with your leadership. I love you both beyond words.” – Mira Barrett-McBride, Grade 12

Farewell WPGA – you will be missed but never forgotten. See you soon! 


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