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Giving Back During COVID-19

By: Betty Pan (Grade 11)

Finding the compassion in ourselves to help those most affected by the pandemic. 

Every single day, the world is fighting what seems like an endless battle against the pandemic. By practicing social distancing and washing your hands, you’re already among the individuals helping to flatten the curve. 

Most of us are at home, scrolling endlessly through TikTok and Instagram, baking a seemingly unhealthy amount of banana bread, or attempting to hand-whip Dalgona coffee to no avail. But we’re the lucky ones.

Thousands of families, workers, and businesses are struggling to adapt to the financial implications that come with recent provincial measures that call for social distancing and the closure of non-essential services. In addition, there are now 2,171 confirmed cases of the virus in British Columbia alone — translating to patients in pain, longer hours for healthcare workers, and the loss of loved ones. For many around the world, COVID-19 is shattering their livelihood, family, and sense of stability. 

In contrast, the majority of us have access to the internet, as well as household food and financial security. Now, it is our turn to recognize the exigency of COVID-19 and help our community combat the pandemic.

As of late, I am certain that many of you have seen the various COVID-19-oriented fundraising campaigns appear in the news or on your social media timelines. In hopes of simplifying the process, I have curated below a little list of charities that support those who are most affected by the pandemic. 

Disclaimer: This is by no means a comprehensive list, nor is it meant to pressure anyone to donate. I am hoping that our students will truly champion the WPGA community spirit and consider donating financially or materially during the crisis. 


  • Give a Hand Vancouver is a charity led by the City of Vancouver. Through this initiative, you can donate or provide low-cost products and services to support the City of Vancouver’s COVID-19 efforts. 


  • Without ticket revenue, the Vancouver Aquarium is struggling to stay afloat. To help, you can donate to alleviate their animal care costs, write a letter to your MP to urge for government support, or shop on their online store to fund animal care costs. 


  • All donations from the SDC COVID-19 Relief Fund will go towards providing protective equipment, such as masks and gloves, to senior homes and hospitals around the Lower Mainland. As a partner of this charity, I can assure you that 100% of the funds are going directly to the PPE packages. 


  • Coming Together COVID-19 is a charitable organization that connects “neighbours looking for help to those giving help.” On their Facebook page, which has over 30,000 members, families in need can ask for specific supplies or monetary aid from generous strangers looking to provide relief.


  • Through Canada Helps, you can choose specific hospitals and healthcare facilities you would like to donate to. The website can be accessed here.


  • Donate to the Salvation Army food bank to provide groceries and meals to those who aren’t fortunate enough to have food security. 


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