Alumni Spotlight


Mallory Moxham (class of 2021)

By Mia Torres ’24

Hardest class in grade 12?

“The hardest class for me at WPGA was definitely AP Physics C.”

Best memory from WPGA?

“My best memory was improv club with Ms. Izdebski and going to Canadian Improv Games in grade 9 and 10.”

A teacher who inspired you the most?

“There were so many teachers that inspired me, but I’d probably have to say Mr. Bohnen since pretty much anything he says is inspiring!”

Tips for a stressful day in high school?

“My tip for a stressful day in high school is to go for a walk – during lunch or when you get home from school. It helps to clear your head!”

Best stem project/topic/memory? 

“The best STEM project would have to be when we built a 3m long bridge out of tongue depressors in engineering.”

Advice for grads this year?

“My advice for the grads is to stay in touch with your friends once high school is done!”

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