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By Mia Torres '24 Spotlight on Natassia Wong (class of 2021)

Natassia Wong (class of 2021)

By Mia Torres ’24

Best wpga memory?

“I don’t have an absolute favourite but one of my favourites would have to be the Model UN trip to Japan. Another one would be circle times in Lu’s Econ class.”

A teacher who made you laugh the most?

“Definitely Lu. It was always like a standup comedy show in his class. Good times.”

Best classroom in the whole school?

“I liked the conference room the best. It just feels so fancy and professional.”

Best junior school memory?

“Playing president with Ms Bell during the DELF.”

Advice for grads this year?

“Enjoy the little things! I feel like every grad or alumni says this but it really goes by so fast. Don’t excessively stress over every application or test (I promise you will get into university)! Your energy will be better spent making memories that you can look back on. 5 years from now you’re not going to think about that test or assignment but about all your friends and experiences from WPGA.”

University life update? How’s the new routine and all?

“I’m currently at UBC Sauder and so far it’s pretty good! It’s nice to be in person although I do have some online classes. It’s a totally new and different thing from WPGA. It’s a super nice change of scenery for sure!”

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