Alumni Spotlight


By Mia Torres '24 Spotlight on Betty Pan (class of 2021)

Betty Pan (class of 2021)

By Mia Torres ’24

What was the hardest thing to leave from WPGA?

“Definitely the community. I miss the sense of familiarity and friendship that the WPGA community always radiated, and I really wish I savoured each and every moment with every student, teacher, and staff.”

Did you have a favourite club/class from wpga? Why was it your favourite?

“Art with Ms. Harms. I took visual arts or drafting with her every single year, from grade 8 to 12. Art was just a fun, productive way for me to unwind, and I always looked forward to every class. Art Studio 12 was especially great, as I was given so much flexibility with my projects and with creative direction.”

Best/worst cafeteria food?

“Best cafeteria food is the chicken focaccia sandwich. To this day, I still think about that crispy, salty foccacia bread. Worst cafeteria food has to go to the neon orange mac n cheese. Still love the dining hall though! Lots of good memories!”

A teacher who inspired you the most?

“Mr. Bohnen. He was always full of wisdom and kindness, and he always made time to talk to each and every student.”

Advice for the grads this year?

“Don’t be afraid of breaks! I feel like the first half of my senior year was spent overworking myself, and I really regret not taking a moment to just step back and take a break. At the end of the day, your mental and physical health matter WAY more than a couple extra hours working on that essay that you’ll ultimately forget about in a couple months. So don’t be afraid to prioritize yourself and your wellbeing! You’ll thank me for this later.”

University life update?

“University has been fun! It feels weird to have so much free time and independence. My routine changes day-to-day, but I typically start early in the morning (I have an 8:30 psych lecture and let me tell you—when they say don’t take 8:30 classes, they mean it.), grab a iced vanilla latte from the Starbucks downstairs (yes, I have a Starbucks on the bottom floor of my dorm building), have a couple afternoon classes, occasionally an evening class 6-8pm, then I’ll finish with club meetings until around 9 or 10pm. I’m starting to get more involved at USC, so currently I’m doing two business consulting clubs, Marshall Business Student Government, and the Chinese American Student Association.”

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