Welcome Back!

Welcome back WOLFPACK!

Welcome back Wolfpack! 

New student or lifer, here is your welcome back guide to life at WPGA: 

General Tips

Make sure to follow @WPGAstudentlife on instagram to keep up with upcoming events, announcements, student life and exciting news!

The Daily Announcements, typically referred to as the DA’s, are where you will find important announcements from admin, club announcements, service opportunities, schedule changes, lost/found items and much more. 

**Make sure to read (or scan) the new announcement section daily 


WPGA has a club for everyone. Many take place during lunch while others take place before or after school. Some of the more popular clubs include:  

  • Model United Nations
  • Debate
  • Business Club 
  • Quiz Club 
  • Environmental Leadership 
  • Planet Club 
  • Wolfington Post 
  • Gay-Straight Allainace 
  • Yoga Club 

If you are interested in joining a club the best way to join is by going to Clubs Fair, looking for an announcement in the DA’s, contacting the club leader or teacher sponsor, or showing up to a meeting. The best way to participate in WPGA student life and meet new people is through clubs. For the entire list of clubs speak with Mr. Johnston or Mr. Pike, or check out this link for the 2020-2021 clubs. 

A run down of WPGA’s student councils 

WPGA’s Student Council is comprised of 5 councils 

  • Athletics 
  • Arts 
  • Service 
  • Spirit 
  • Wellness 

WPGA’s councils are in charge of planning events for the school to participate in. Annual events include: Provincial Send-Offs (Athletics), Arts Week (Arts), Covenant House Thank-a-Thons (Service), Candy Grams (Spirit) and Mindfulness Colouring (Wellness). All councils have 2 grade representatives who are voted in by their grade. While Athletics, Arts and Spirit meetings can only be attended by the grade reps, Service and Wellness are open councils, meaning anyone can attend the weekly meetings alongside their grade reps. The election process takes place at the beginning of the school year so keep your eyes open for an announcement in the DA’s. 

To the new grade 10’s:

Your time has come to explore West 10th at lunch! Check out this article for a guide to the lunch scene of 10th (with the exception of the beloved Tims that has unfortunately closed down since):  https://wolfingtonpost.com/2019/02/14/ode-to-tenth/ 

A few tips from an off-campus veteran:

  • Call ahead to avoid long lines and wait times
  • Plan your off campus trips with the weather, it is not pleasurable walking in the rain
  • If you want a quick snack or treat, the gas station is your friend 
  • Subway will always have long lines so be quick to get there 
  • Unless you want to run, DO NOT make the trek to Alma 
  • Lastly and most importantly, be polite and respectful to all the staff and other customers! 

Have a great year Wolves!! 

– Emma, Rubi, Stephanie

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