A Dash of Spring: Ten 5-Ingredient Recipes for This Season

Enjoy some delicious, simple recipes!

By: Julia Bohnen

The sunny weather has arrived much earlier this year, and I think we’re all loving it! Now that we can be outside for longer than 2 minutes without getting cold (thanks, Vancouver!), here are ten super-simple 5-ingredient recipes to make this spring and summer. 

  1. Raspberry Sorbet

Enjoy this easy recipe for a sweet and refreshing treat! Honestly, anyone can make this. Add some fresh raspberries on top for a stunning and delicious summer dessert!

See the full recipe here:

  1. Peanut Butter Energy Bites

These bites are the perfect on-the-go snack! If you don’t have flaxseed (I know I don’t!), you can use shredded coconut or oats instead. If you want to make this recipe even better, add a teaspoon of vanilla and about a tablespoon of chia seeds. So delicious!

Thank you to Chef Savvy for this recipe:

  1. Homemade peanut butter cups 

This is the last peanut butter recipe on this list, I promise. These are so worth it, though! They’re even better than the original Reese’s, I think. Using dark chocolate brings so much more depth and flavor to this classic. These have truly become a favorite in my family!

Thanks Tasty:

  1. Strawberry Rose Tart 

I don’t know about you, but this simple recipe is one of the prettiest desserts I’ve ever seen! If you don’t have this specific size of tart pan, you can use one you have at home. Made with only five ingredients and some artistic talent (which I don’t necessarily have, but I’ll still give it a try), this strawberry rose tart will most definitely be the masterpiece at your next covid-safe park picnic! 

Recipe by How Sweet Eats:

  1. Lemon Bars

Don’t these lemon bars look amazing? Even though they are made with so few ingredients, these tart and sweet lemon desserts have a vibrant color and flavor!

Full recipe can be found at Dinner Then Dessert:

  1. Coconut Chocolate Cookies 

Everyone loves a good cookie! Next time you’re in the mood, try this simple recipe and enjoy some coconut chocolate cookies.

From Further Food:

Next up, we have drinks!

7. Watermelon Spritzer 

This gorgeous drink tastes as amazing as it looks! During the spring and summer months, fresh fruits are a great way to cool off, and these spritzers will surely not disappoint.

Created by Taste of Home:

8. Peach Smoothie 

These peach smoothies are perfect on a hot day! A drink made with peaches, mangoes, and bananas, this smoothie is a quick and easy fix.

Thanks to Dinner at the Zoo for this recipe:

9. Homemade Iced Tea

If you’re like me and drink tea all your round, this homemade tea is perfect for when the weather gets warm. This super-simple drink is delicious and fresh and will encourage you to make it over and over!

This recipe is found at The Busy Baker:

10. Orange Julius 

Last but not least, here’s a recreation recipe for the classic Orange Julius. If you’re feeling like a nostalgic flashback to the past, this is the recipe for you!

Thanks to Chew out Loud for this impressive recreation!

BONUS RECIPE (recommended by Ms. Haider!)

4-Ingredient Brownies

Courtesy of Minimalist Baker:

I hope you’ve found some inspiration for making some simple recipes for this spring. If you’re being lazy and waiting to get up and do something, this is your sign. Go try one of these awesome five-ingredient recipes!

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