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Meet the Prefects

A brief introduction to a few of WPGA’s new prefects

By Juliette Levy-Gay (’24)

A few weeks ago (and according to some, regretfully), we kick-started the year. However, due to Covid-19 restrictions, we haven’t been properly introduced to the 2021 prefects. I’m sure many of you have seen Miranda on the basketball court or Ethan on stage with his bass guitar, but for those of you who have no idea who I’m talking about, here is a quick introduction to a few of our school’s prefects. 

Davis Timko is one of our school’s fantastic co-captains. He loves to run, swim and eat delicious food and coffee, which he definitely needs to participate in so many of WPGA’s athletic teams. Davis is a member of the cross-country, swimming and track and field teams and is one of the grade 12 representatives for athletics council. So far this year, he has enjoyed conversing and debating with the rest of the prefects over different topics (and thankfully coming to a consensus) as well as leading and planning athletics council meetings. Davis is looking forward to hearing the creative ideas that students and teachers have for the school.

Betty Pan is the other WPGA co-captain. She loves reading, painting, architecture, home design, and travelling, along with international politics, sustainability, thrift shopping, and anything to do with coffee. But that’s only outside of school! At school, Betty participates in Model UN, Duke of Ed, and Math Challengers. In the few weeks since school has started, Betty has loved the opportunities to connect with each grade. She says that “through student council, assemblies, and even morning welcomes, it’s been great to get to know our student community on a deeper level.” Betty also had fun at the welcome back drive where she and other prefects welcomed students with colourful posters. She hopes that everyone liked them as much as herself (I know I did!). 

Next, we have Ethan Jasny. He participates in Model UN, Debate, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Philosophy club, and the Wolfington Post. It’s hard to imagine that with all of those clubs he would have any spare time, but he somehow makes time for marble racing, bass guitar and watching John Mulaney and Saturday Night Live. Until now, Ethan’s favorite thing about being a prefect has been helping others in the school community. This fall, Ethan is most excited for VYMUN. 

Leader of Wellness council, STEM club, and, if not for Covid, Junior Debate club, it is not surprising that Mallory Moxham also takes the leading role of a prefect. Aside from the school activities mentioned above, Mallory also plays the viola in WPGA’s Orchestra. She is passionate about dance (especially ballet and contemporary), playing the piano, musicals, and women in science. Mallory is enjoying the challenges and learning opportunities of leading wellness council and is excited about re-launching STEM club this year.  

Marcus Hasson loves to listen to music, watch movies, and play tennis. He has been on the school’s tennis team since grade 8 and is currently invested in Model UN and Business club. So far, Marcus has enjoyed truly being part of the school community and collaborating with his fellow prefects to incorporate the ideas of every grade into their events. Marcus is looking forward to ensuring that the grads of 2021 make the most of their Covid year and that “we leave our high school experience knowing we really got everything we could out of it.” 

You may know Natassia Wong from Model UN, Service council or Hogar de Gina club. And, if you’ve injured yourself this year (though I hope no one has), Natassia might have helped you out as she is part of our school’s amazing First Responders team. Outside of school, Natassia loves to play the guitar (it’s her “go-to procrastination habit”), and listen to music, constantly searching for new ways to organize her Spotify playlists. Natassia also enjoys playing golf, enjoying bubble tea, and NOT crashing her car when driving around with her L. When asked her favorite thing about being house captain, Natassia states: “Pretty cheesy, but I’ve always looked up to the prefects and I’m so honoured that I’m able to be one of them now.” Although this is not what Natassia envisioned her senior year to be, she is thrilled to be regaining some sense of normalcy. She is excited to finally be the oldest in the school and experience a year of long-awaited grad events and traditions. 

You are bound to have seen Jake Vrlak on the basketball court. Or the soccer field. Or the slopes. Or the track. Believe it or not, Jake is also a prefect and helps to run athletics council on top of all his sports. Outside of school, he is interested in photography, filmmaking, and fitness. So far, Jake’s favorite aspect of being a prefect has been helping younger students, and in the coming months, he wants to make the school environment one that everyone enjoys. 

Finally, Miranda Butler is certainly not one to forget. Miranda loves horses and cares for an older. She also enjoys playing sports and being outside. At school, Miranda plays basketball, ultimate frisbee, and has been an active member of service council throughout all of high school. This year, she is loving meeting new people in every grade and especially loved greeting people with posters in the morning as the prefects did a few weeks ago. All in all, Miranda is really looking forward to running service council this year. 

Hopefully, this article has been helpful in introducing some of the new prefects to the rest of the school. I’m extremely eager to see what the prefects have in store for us this year. 

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