School Life

Catching Up

By: Avrel Festinger (Grade 12)

What have our teachers and administrators been up to? 

These days, it may feel like everything you know seems to be morphing, adapting and changing. This definitely rings true for students but also for teachers. Our WPGA teachers and administrators have also had to adapt, morph and change to make sure E-learning runs as smoothly as possible. The Wolfington Post (with help from Sensei) reached out to teachers to see what they have been up to and how they are coping with all of this change. 

Ms. Jones won’t let quarantine stop her from ensuring some form of planet club still exists – even if it is a one woman show. In early May she returned to the school to take some photos of the lonely plants. 



Ms. Jones won’t let quarantine stop her from ensuring some form of planet club still exists – even if it is a one woman show. In early May she returned to the school to take some photos of the lonely plants. 



While Ms. Jones had a lively visit with the plants in-person, Ms. Loasby continues to have lively classes with her students via Zoom. She tells the story of one particularly interesting class here: “We were talking about the symbolism of the conch in Lord of the Flies with my English 10 class. I asked if people had seen a conch before and they said yes. Then a student said, “I have a conch at home” and another student said, “I also have a conch at home.” There were about 5 to 6 people with a conch shell sitting at home! I asked if they had ever blown it before and Ryan Derbawka immediately took out a giant conch shell from nowhere and blew it! The sound was majestic (almost as good as his trombone playing skills) and everyone was in awe. Ryan D. can now put conch-blowing on his resume. We’re talking about the symbolism of the pig’s head next class and I’m afraid to ask now…” 

Ms. Rosen organized her quarantine experience through emojis – dividing the great moments with smiley faces, from the not so great moments marked by sad faces. 

Playing BINGO with the Hogar de Gina girls!😀

Being the only one talking at the start of class as students arrive ☹, and me yelping ‘Talk to MEEEEEEEE, I’m BOOOOORRRRRED of the sound of my voice!’ so everyone laughingly unmutes and says hi😀

Telling a funny joke and not hearing laughter because everyone is on mute again ☹ … so repeat above about making them unmute and laugh out loud so I can hear them😀

Popping into zoom rooms where students aren’t paying attention and don’t realize you are there … so they go on talking  about something they’d probably wish the teacher wouldn’t hear! ☹

Trying new fun things to get everyone focused – like scavenger hunts mid-class😀

Playing Kool and the Gang’s ‘Celebration’ after my AP students did their best work yet on a timed essay 😀

Mr. Chevreau has found himself pondering the implications of all this zoom time (unfortunately he did not include any emojis…) 

“One thing that I have been thinking about is the amount of time and energy people are spending during Zoom classes and meetings looking at themselves. Lots of fun psychological stuff comes into play here. Are we too self-conscious to be completely engaged?”

While Ms. Castelino has Friday lunch meetings with Ms. Thompson, Ms. Wickstead, Ms. Blackstock, Ms. Janzen and Ms. Klassen with an incredible theme: silly hats. 


Finally, one of Mr. Butler’s grade 12 classes has created a truly fascinating spectacle (credit goes to Claire Hamilton for making this masterpiece possible.) Here is their class’ zoom screen shot making everyone into one head. 


And as for Sensei? She’s grappling with various dreams about this whole experience. 

“I don’t have any funny stories but I’ve been having regular dreams/ nightmares ever since we started online. The first one was where my camera was on all day, like all day following me around. The other blooper is forgetting a staff/department meeting, it’s happened. The last thing that has yet to but bound to happen is missing a block all together while having everyone ready in the waiting room.” 



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