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Law of Attraction – Car Edition

By: John Wang (Grade 12)

See how WPGA’s graduates reflect their vibrant personalities in their choice of vehicle

Some people say that pets resemble their owners, and this certainly stands true among the WPGA grads. Except, in this case, their pets are their vehicles. Recently, I had the pleasure of sharing a few moments with a couple of grads to talk about their beloved cars, ranging from G Wagons to Minis; through these experiences, I discovered some uncanny similarities between these students and their cars. Here is a couple of them.

Note: I did not dig up the specs of the model from the specific year these were purchased. At least not all of them.

William Liang:

Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE 63 S 4Matic Coupe (2018)

Engine: Handcrafted AMG 5.5L V8 BiTurbo

Torque: 561lb-ft (760Nm)

Power: 557hp

Acceleration: 0-100(km/h): 4.2s


Will is full of life, much like his Mercedes coupe. On Friday nights, you can catch him dashing around the basketball court sinking hoops left and right, showing absolutely no mercy for his opponents. In the band, he is always among the first ones volunteering to perform a blistering solo. After school, he often takes impromptu trips to the treacherous roads of Richmond, whether it’s for hotpot or other fun activities. But don’t be fooled by his fierce persona, Will also has a warm heart (that’s probably why he chose a Mercedes). He’s always smiling and willing (get it?) to give a hand to his peers, that is, if he’s not already holding a bubble-tea. 

Gary Thind:

Ferrari 488 GTB with titanium exhaust pipes

Engine: 3.9L V8 Powertrain 

Torque: 561lb-ft (760Nm)

Maximum Power: 670hp

Acceleration: 0-100(km/h): 3.0s


Nothing characterizes Gary more than his beloved car. Currently, he’s a proud owner of an exquisite Ferrari. Enjoying cruising down the highway and blasting Lil Baby’s brand new single in his sports car, it seems that Gary is living his best life. Extravagant but also mysterious, Gary is an identical copy of his beloved two-seater. He’s exuberant in his apparel but also loves to chill at the back of the classroom. He’s a calm guy who always seems to have something to joke about. Don’t get him fired up though, because he’ll go from 0-100 in three seconds.

Tess Blake:

Mini Cooper Countryman ALL4 (2015)

Engine: 3 Cylinder 12 Valve Twin Power Turbo

Torque: 162lb-ft (220Nm)

Maximum Power: 134hp

Acceleration: 0-100(km/h): 9.8s


Matured. Rugged. Capable. The Mini Cooper Countryman is well-suited for all kinds of terrain, much like how Tess is always ready to tackle problems of any sort, whether it’s solving crises at VYMUN or figuring out which coffee shop to go to. Always ready to help out with a smile on her face, she is everyone’s big sister. In her free time, she loves to do yoga, dance to hip-hop (surprising, I know), and drive around town with her friends. Reliable. Independent. Talented. Tess’s intrepid yet elegant nature powers her through all the difficulties in life.

Augustus William Greer:

Ford F-350 Super Duty (2007)

Engine: 6.2L SOHC 2-Valve Flex Fuel V8

Torque: 430lb-ft (583Nm)

Maximum Power: 385hp

Zero to a Hundred (km/h): fast enough


Although he drives a gigantic truck with a pickup-box large enough to fit Tess’s car, the only things Gus puts in it are his golf clubs. Coincidentally (or perhaps intentionally), he is next-door neighbours with the Point Grey Golf & Country Club. When he visits there, he takes pleasure in driving (get it?) the golf balls across the course with full force, all 15,000lbs of it. His athletic abilities are limitless. Possessing a high-strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy body, his strength and toughness give him life on the basketball court and race track. At school, he is a lighthearted individual who loves to prank Mrs. McGee with his jump-scares as well as twist and shout in Mr. Lu’s lab. Constantly cracking jokes with friends, Gus is definitely a fun member of the wolfpack to be around.

Natasha Wilson:

Audi TT Roadster (2002)

Engine: 1.8 T Quattro

Torque: 207lb-ft (280Nm)

Maximum Power: 225hp

Acceleration: 0-100(km/h): 6.7s


Much like her convertible, Natasha’s flexible nature allows her to adapt to many situations. From the cutthroat environment of the volleyball court to YM’s physics class, she thrives in challenging scenarios. And much like a convertible’s roof, Natasha’s openness varies from time to time. In the bright mornings, she will infect her peers with her contagious laughter at every little joke cracked around her. As the day progresses, she becomes more contained but still tries to keep a smile on her face. Near the end of the day is when the storm hits her–she will make sure you know how tired she is and how much she’s missing the weekend. However, the next morning, she’ll be sure to show up with her coffee from Tim’s and a charming smile again.










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