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Photo Day Tips

Written by: Ethan Jasny (Grade 11)

How you can improve your yearbook photo!

Tip #1:

Given the angle of the stools that they make you sit on, your hair often gets flattened in the picture. So brush your hair in an upward direction right before the photo.


Tip #2:

Ears are the most photogenic part of the body. Try to show them off as much as possible.


Tip #3:

Stare directly into the camera; your greatest enemy is standing right inside the lense.


Tip #4:

For ladders: pretend you’re an Old Navy model who is just so happy to be showing off the latest trend in casual clothing.


Tip #4.5: 

For ladders: alternatively, just kick the ladder to the ground. It’s an absurd prop for a photo. I mean, it’s a ladder. Why would you be on a ladder? What possible circumstances would cause you to be alone a couple of steps up a completely white ladder?


Tip #5:

Wear your tie so tight that it starts strangling you. Your skin looks best when you’re on the brink of death.


Tip #6: 

Don’t walk under the ladders.


Tip #7:

Eat lots of leafy greens right before the photo. The magnesium gives your teeth a nice sheen.


Tip #8:

Cameras tend to increase the size of the middle of your face, so squinch up your nose.


Tip #9:

Go to your photo right after PE. The sweat accents the colours of your eyes.


Tip #10:

Most importantly, be yourself! Don’t change your looks just for a photo.



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